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    4/20 - THE STREETS Record Release Party - Chicago, IL

    Brüt Force presents THE STREETS "The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living" Official Record Release Listening Party at D'Vine Restaurant & Wine Bar 1950 W North Ave, Chicago 21+, NO COVER Featuring the single "When You Wasn't Famous", The 3rd album by The Streets is set to hit stores on Tuesday...
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    2/6 - The Official "RUN THE ROAD VOLUME 2" Chicago Release @ GRIME!!!

    Monday, February 6th, 2006 Slit Jockey & Brüt Force present THE OFFICIAL "RUN THE ROAD VOLUME 2" CHICAGO RELEASE PARTY! @ LAVA 859 N Damen Chicago, IL 60622 NEVER A COVER Run The Road Volume 2, out on Vice Records, is a seismic new chapter in UK Grime. Reaching into a deeper pool of fiercely...
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    12/25 - Groovology Christmas @ Homebar - Dallas, TX

    DJ SUSHI - BRUTFORCE.NET- CHICAGO , CHRISTMAS NIGHT, 12/25 AT HOME BAR Groovology - Christmas night w/ Chicago UKG turntablist souljah DJ Sushi droppin' his UKG and soulful GHop sound on the Dallas massive ! Come out for the festivities and show Sushi how we DO ! 'longside resident...
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    10/30 - OUR GRIME IS BIGGER THAN YOURS - Chicago

    yeah, they do. not as many as ones that go to uk grime shows, though.
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    10/30 - OUR GRIME IS BIGGER THAN YOURS - Chicago

    HALLOWEEN EVE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30TH Brüt Force Presents the 5 Year Anniversary Celebration (Part 2/2) Heat on the Streets 2: OUR GRIME IS BIGGER THAN YOURS @ Betty's Blue Star Lounge 1600 W. Grand Ave. (Ashland & Grand) Chicago, IL 21+, No Cover $2 off Beer, $1 off Drinks FREE CD GIVEAWAYS...
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    Reload Radio - Grime Broadcasts on Sundays

    i thought this was the music forum? this post is about an internet radio broadcast (i'm guessing you're confusing the garage night i have in my sig with the purpose of this post?).
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    Reload Radio - Grime Broadcasts on Sundays

    We're back home! One of the longest running Underground Garage-focused intenet radio shows in North America is back on MR Radio! RELOAD RADIO SUNDAYS 6PM - 8PM CST CLICK TO TUNE IN (Winamp) Join the "Stateside Underground Garage Bad Boy", Sushi, and the rest of the Brüt Force family for...
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    fave grime catchphrases

    i don't know if it originally came from him, but if you check out the roll deep dvd that comes with "in the deep end", flow dan goes into an in depth explanation of the meaning behind "showa".
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    fave grime catchphrases

    definitely "suck your mum"
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    finally made it on this shit. big up my peoples. :cool: