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    Le Dissensus

    On peut le faire içi si tu veux.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    What you need is an RSS feed.
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    I'm over techno and hiphop

    a) harder to take a break these days as music is increasingly an ancilliary component of every aspect of day-to-day life (like a big urn of tea or some sandwiches nobody wanted) b) technology is hard work and it's boring.
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    Burial "Untrue"

    It's all good. I guess I sounded pretty flippant, but I'm dead serious that my reaction to these two products has been exactly the same. Something about space, a certain logic of unrestricted movement, implicit panoramic fascination, etc. I dunno. It isn't that Burial and Mario constitute a...
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    Burial "Untrue"

    Errr, not exactly what I meant. Sorry.
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    Burial "Untrue"

    I have the same feelings about Untrue as I do about Super Mario Galaxy. Comes on a disc, promises and delivers entertainment, goes great with drugs, triggers nostalgia, etc. But in the end I keep wondering "why am I chasing all these fucking coins anyway?" and "why is that crackly sound on...
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    Durrty Goodz

    Sounds like London's got an Olympics problem! It happened to Vancouver too—and is happening—ahead of the 2010 (?) games. All the venues closing down, any undesirable music getting run out of town, etc. Check out these appropriate Olympic gig posters:
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    August FWD & Rinse FM @ The End / youngsta & Riko / general excitment / thread

    I'm arriving from Canada on the 16th. I booked my flight months ago and—because I really had no idea at the time what would be going on—I just took the cheapest flight available. So happy now that I didn't buy one of the later flights! Look out for the jet-lagged Canadian tearing it up!
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    Hyperfrank's Badness homophobia post

    I would argue that material conditions are EXCLUSIVELY responsible for either tolerance or intolerance of homosexuality. The rise of the reproductive bourgeois family, which was arguably responsible for "creating"/codifying homosexuality as its own inverted image, laid the framework for the...
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    my Charles Hayward (This Heat etc.) FACT interview

    I keep Camberwell Now in the car so I can listen to "Working Nights" whenever I am on my way to work (except I work in the daytime).
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    There's a difference between being able to recall certain basic facts (currencies, names of countries, rudimentary synopses of current events) and actually knowing what's going on your (or any) country. On trivia-lite grounds Canadians will almost always win over Americans, but go a little...
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    Movies from stills

    On a Godard tip there's always Histoire(s) du cinéma.
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    Zizek's Pervert's Guide to Cinema

    I thought Borat was based on Zizek's life and work?!
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    Richard Scarry

    When I was a child I liked Richard Scarry books so much that I told my dad I hated my name and wanted to change it to Richard.
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    fiction about gentrification

    Gentrifiction! I love it. Thanks for the recommendations, worrior. I read Soft City a few months ago and—you're right on the money—it was helpful in delineating some of the distinctions between 1970s and contemporary gentrification, although admittedly these are often more evident in what Raban...
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    fiction about gentrification

    Does anyone know of any novels that deal explicitly with gentrification? I like the way that Iain Sinclair's rant about property speculation runs through pretty much his entire oeuvre, but I'm looking for something a little less cryptically written.
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    David Mitchell

    Tautological? Confusing? I can't decide. I've not read any David Mitchell but I think his "making a big show of his Borges influence" is less worrisome than someone making a big show of the fact that they've read Borges and spotted a connection. I don't mean that to sound harsh, btw, but it...
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    can I get ill from eating too much bacon?

    British bacon is leaner and less salty than pancetta. Canadian bacon (and I'd imagine American as well) is worse than either pancetta or British bacon, resembling nothing more than lard pressed into strips. When I've had British bacon I've found it too "realistic" and longed for that noxious...
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    sonic youth are old and boring

    Why Thank You Lord Thurston Sorry, what was that you were saying about a post revealing more about its author than it does about the band under discussion? Anyway, since it was me offering the terms "smugness" and "wry affluence," I think you ought to re-read my original post: I thought it...