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    Africans in Grime

    This is the first I've heard of this fusion. Tell me more. Bhangra is mainly Sikh Punjabi music; I thought that it was mainly (indentured) Hindus who migrated to the Caribbean.
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    Have you ever heard something so good it made you cry?

    Most of Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, vol. 1 Nina Simone, He Neds me Trembling Blue Stars, ABBA On The Jukebox Jacques Brel, Voir Un Ami Pleurer Mary G. Blige and Method Man, All That I Got Is You Olive, You're Not Alone Jimmy Durante, September Song The Beatles, In My Life The Smiths...
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    Recording radio programmes onto your computer

    I've just downloaded this and you're totally right - it's excellent. Good call. Thanks!
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    the go! team

    They've got too much joy going on for the Nathan Barleys. They don't use quotation marks either. I've bought about 10 copies of the album for friends who range from being obsessive Dead Can Dance fans to being to grime fans and they all, much against their expectations, totally love it. I...
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    Running a film festival in London

    These sound great. Which ones?
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    Recording radio programmes onto your computer

    OK, sorry if this is too basic a question, but is there any cheap and easy way of recording, say, live radio shows onto my PC?
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    genius film soundtracks

    Has anyone seen the German film Decoder? Mad, early 1980s, shadow-of-Berlin Wall/ nuclear apocalypse shriekfest with noise soundtrack from likes of William Burroughs, FM Einheit, Dave Ball and Genesis P. Orridge. Oblique contender for inclusion in the 'what good stuff was happening in Germany...
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    genius film soundtracks

    Oh, and Thomas Bangalter's wicked, nasty sound design for Gaspar Noe's Irreversible. Brilliantly horrible.
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    genius film soundtracks

    Jon Brion, Punch Drunk Love - wobbly, keening, audiophiliac banquet John Cameron, Kes - really beautiful pastoral version of Birtwhistle - reissued a couple of years back by Trunk The Pastels, The Last Great Wilderness - bleak, moody, instrumental Highland soundscapes Also, of course, In the...
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    next/now genuine joyous pop sensation phenomenon

    It's not totally now, but in a kind of reshuffled, rebooted million miles-per-hour ransacking of the past that the Avalanches did so well, the Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike album is really genuine, utterly joyous, and definitely pop. It's Roxanne Shante meets Huggy Bear meets Beastie...