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    150 or so Private Eye back issues - anyone want

    Hi all Having a clear out and i've about 150 back Eyes, from the last 5 or 6 years, are these of interest to anyone? (London). Free obvs, otherwise I'll recycle. Thanks
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    what are you reading now?

    Fathers and Crows by William Vollmann, book 2 of his American history series, pretty great, meaty.
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    Is crazy d still a main guy in the scene?
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    Mr. Tea's Top 10 Badass Phenomena

    Two unclassifiable species found off Australian coast
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    what are you reading now?

    Well yes quite :p 1.5 million words.
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    what are you reading now?

    How about Proust? Is it worth gearing up for Remembrance of things past...i'm quite attracted to its epic length.
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    A nice salad is a cauliflower, blanched in boiling water for 10 mins so half cooked, a tin or two of chickpeas, chopped preserved lemons with a tahini dressing with pom molasses and some sherry vinegar, olive oil. Tasty.
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    This is a nice, sweetish stout. (Siren Brewery)
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    Their Red Ale is very nice, but I found the honey beer a bit rank, that might be all honey beers though?
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    Nelson Mandela

    silly reactions on facebook
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    This may be topical
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    R. I. P. Lou Reed

    i swear he looks a bit like eddie izzard here
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    God imagine that descending on you...proper umbrella of death style horror film material
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    Top Ten numbers

    Some record labels miss 13 out of their sequences too i seem to recall
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    Peasant food

    Here's my submission - Lamb soup/stew with preserved lemons I sometimes make this and it does 10 portions! Freezes well and it's so chunky I just have a bowl for lunch without any bread. It's also a great mix of meat, veg, and carbs. 1 scrag (whole neck) cut into pieces (Turkish butchers good...
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    Good shout - cheap/easy peasant food thread. I love this kind of cooking.
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    Recommendations required - top ten films (no wait - come back!)

    Definitely the visually stunning Ivan's Childhood and the Andre Rublov for Tarkovsky for me over the later ones, those two are both knock outs. Top ten, man it's so hard! Rear Window for sure Atanarjuat the Fast Runner - stunning elemental film Drowning by Numbers (Peter Greenaway) Passion of...
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    Last night I stuffed a squash with some lentils and bulgar cooked with some stock, sage, chilli, dried porchini, onions and garlic and then topped with cheese and breadcrumbs - had a proper 70s vegetarian vibe! Like you say, the lentils just suck up the flavour, lovely.
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    Deffo. It's never quite the same is it, sometimes a good approximation. I do think it's the animal fat perhaps - i fried some turnips in duck fat once and they were delicious, the meat flavour and that umami kick you mention was definitely there..
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    I think Chinese food does have some good routes into the savoury umami vibe meat provides through mushrooms and pickled veg, fermented bean paste, vinegar etc.