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    Very, very late to this. I haven't been on this site for years and randomly thought about Mark Fisher today only to learn the awful news. Like others, I came straight here. RIP It's nice to see this place still alive and kicking. Just logging back in has brought back fond memories of this...
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    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    Isn't it just a derivative of that dance that started in melbourne years ago
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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    Been mucking around with FL Studio over the past year (as any rookie does!). Only been using the loops and synths that come free with it though so it probably has a real Fruityloops sound to it lol. Here's a simple drum kit 8bar thing I made.
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    Olympic Bullshit

    I was a volunteer and on the ground this wasn't true. In terms of screen time maybe, but it never occurred to me when I saw the footage.
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    Music documentaries

    Steve Reich - A New Musical Language
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    I want to watch something funny

    You should seek out Forbidden City Cop . This is my favourite Stephen Chow film and it has the best of his surreal humour I think.
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    Hipsters: Scourge or Irrelevence

    IMHO the gay scene has its own trajectory independent of the hipster scene. What's considered alternative in gay world doesn't necessarily align with the equivalent in the straight world. Vauxhall's placement on that graph would be accurate from a straight hipster viewpoint but I'd bump it a bit...
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    Funky/London/UK House

    Big thanks!
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    Funky/London/UK House

    Anyone know the second last tune (1:51:45), goes "baby, baby". Or where that vocal comes from?
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    This led to the great minimal parody site which sadly is no more.
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    that's something else
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    Interesting at 9:20 of that mix it goes down to 100bpm but in 3/4 time and it's mixed in as well!
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    I know those voices. Male and female for different platforms. If you wait long enough they synchronise like some pan-gender overlord. Sounds ace
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    Electro Bass

    nice one, enjoying this
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    Bedtimebunnage - Some of my favorite grime 12"s Pt.1

    love the mix big thanks for the amsterdam mix too
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    techno track ID request

    thanks! love it fast or slow
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    techno track ID request

    Hi there, does anyone know what this track is? It's taken from a Dave Clarke I Love Techno 1999 mix much obliged :D <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie"...
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    Unfortunate names

    I've always wondered about that too. At my school we had about 10 or so Taiwanese students (all male) and there were something like 2 Jasons and 3 Kevins. Maybe it was just coincidence but maybe the '-n' ending sounds appealing for boys?
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    Rolling (though slowly, I'd imagine) Gaming Thread

    This has a special place in my gaming heart. The best and most epic adventure game ever. A fitting finish to the age of this genre.