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    Adult Fairytale type films

    I'm quite partial to "Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural" and its delightfully harrowing carriage ride. Eyes Wide Shut seems to fit in this category as well.
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    ...just saw a $2.99 copy of this on the cut-out 'Bargain Books' display at local (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) retailer McNally Robinsons. A single copy, sandwiched between teetering piles of Paula Coehlo (!) and Dennis Johnson. Makes a sort of bizarre sense.
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    Soap Opera

    From a North American perspective, the only time I actually attempted to make it home at lunch and watch a soap (when I was in High School) was during the wonderful period on "Days of Our Lives" in which the character Marlena was possessed by the devil. He would manifest as a giant rubber...
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    METAL! Discuss

    4 track? Pfft - handheld tape recorder on top of a practice amp.
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    Top Ten Books

    This list is clearly not complete without SPECTRAL STALKERS. An unforgivable oversight if ever I've seen one.
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    current kids films thread

    "Monsters vs. Aliens" was a lot of fun, apart from the awe-inspiringly unfunny Stephen Colbert president character. Really quite enjoyed it otherwise. "Coraline" was fantastic...really looking forward to "Up" as well. My daughter's a huge animation fan, so we can usually bypass the most dire...
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    erotic (?) record covers??

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    erotic (?) record covers??

    You want some Black Metal? You asked for it...
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    erotic (?) record covers??

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    coffin joe

    It's been a while, but I love "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul..." (doesn't it begin with TWO warnings not to watch the film you're about to see?) but must admit that "...This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" is even more out there (Coffin Joe seeks mate to bear his seed, putting all the...
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    The press release hall of shame thread

    Cryptacize deals in the unforgettable melody, the forsaken chord and the extravagant sentiment. They offer a distinct kind of pleasure; it's not casual background or 'lifestyle' music. Nedelle Torrisi's surefooted and richly nuanced vocal arabesques, like a modern day Freddie Mercury or Ronnie...
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    Metal Machine Music

    Really? I thought an essential part of being an misunderstood underground artist was to create a persona and stick with it? In some cases it's the only interesting thing ABOUT the artists. [re: other posts] Personally I greatly enjoy Tom Waits in his various incarnations but have a hard time...
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    surveillance in the arts

    Lynch's daughter Jennifer actually has a film coming out called "Surveillance", oddly enough. Seems to be kind of a Rashomon-esque horror/thriller. Don't know how it is, but it would be a heroic triumph if it's any worse than "Boxing Helena".
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    cavemen in space TM

    Brian Aldiss' "Non-Stop" (also published as "Starship" meaning I bought the bloody thing twice by accident) is along those lines. I won't describe the plot beyond the obvious premise to avoid giving anything away, but the great twist isn't exactly a huge surprise. Enjoyed it, although it is...
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    John Updike is dead

    Could see that maybe for "The Dean's December" (which, a few passages aside, I honestly found quite tedious) and "Henderson The Rain King" (a bit pants) but I'll go toe to toe in defense of "Herzog" or "Ravelstein". Also a fan of his short works. Admittedly I haven't read "Augie March..."...
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    Bill 696

    "The British government is apparently proposing to further complicate the already prohibitive music licenses with the 696 form: "The 696 Form compels licensees who wish to hold live music events in 21 London Boroughs to report to the police the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of...
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    METAL! Discuss

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    Yep, he's the one. Followed by Peter Criss who is responsible for penning and keening one of the worst (yet best known) songs Kiss ever recorded - "Beth". If you've ever gone shopping in a supermarket, you've heard it.
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    The Eurocult Film Thread

    Ah, this thread is glorious...I'll have to dig around when I have more time. My advice, taken from personal experience, is that "Sadomania" isn't exactly a lady-pleasing outing either.
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    Kiss can add in Ace Frehley's "Snowblind" as well. I actually have a huge soft spot for their disco era, 'Dynasty' and 'Unmasked' are highly questionable classics of the highest order. No love for the lifeless nostalgia trip they are today, though. ...and that Paul Stanley stage banter...