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    game of gnomes tv show

    I guess he sailed there directly from Bravos, which maybe isn't totally ridiculous, as based on the endless title sequence I think Bravos is the north-most point of whatever the other big land mass to the east is called. Does rather raise the question of why genius wilding king dude (or indeed...
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    game of gnomes tv show

    The fantasy bits are tedious for sure. I'd really enjoy it if it all built up to a massive, obvious fantasy conclusion with dragons and whitewalkers and brann's foretold day-saving prophesy old magic whatever and then they were all just shit. The dragons get instantly taken out by hundreds of...
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    game of gnomes tv show

    Would assume the Lannisters (Cersei and Tywin anyway) want the hardest bastard available as their champion. That's probably not Jamie these days with the ol' missing hand situation. The obvious choice for such a role is probably the mountain, and given droid's comment I would then expect Oberyn...
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    if New York can die so can London

    I wasn't saying it's the only good venue in London, was just listing places that I've enjoyed going to recently. Poor wording from me. They are all small places that are never going to generate or impact any kind of scene (as Alfons says), I'm not really fussed on that front. If what you want...
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    if New York can die so can London

    As another out of town data point, I've popped up to Birmingham on the train for the last couple of House of God nights and the vibes there have been head and shoulders above near everything in London recently. That being said, Wifey a couple weeks ago was absolutely amazing (full disclosure: I...
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    if New York can die so can London

    The Actress and Kassem Mosse night ta Peckham Palais was great actually, but it's hit and miss. Rhythm Section at Canavans is usually enjoyable, fun space and a good crowd. Corsica Studios is solid, reliable, a little uninspiring. Probably the place that has had the best vibes recently is the...
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    House/techno 2013

    Oh and talking of Huerco S, does anyone know what the tune is at 20 minutes in his truants mix?
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    House/techno 2013

    Have generally been a little bit ambivalent about Joey Anderson, but that new From One Mind To Another EP is really good. Might go back and see if I've changed my mind on his previous releases. On a shameless self-promotion tip here's a mix I did recently for Wifey. None of the tunes came out...
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    wileys devils mixes

    I'd use EAC to rip it off the CD It's quite a hassle to set up properly but if you do all the steps it does what it says on the tin and gives you a exact copy of the wav. Yeah it's really easy with a spectral analyser, mp3's have an obvious cut off above a certain...
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    Comin in with the mix and blend

    "everyone's a DJ" / "everyone's a producer" is not really true. The actual trend is "everyone's a curator". Basically everybody these days (into music or not) has a list of people they follow on twitter / youtube favourites / facebook likes / soundcloud plays. Not even starting on iTunes /...
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    Jackin' / Electroline

    Anyone got an ID on a tune that samples Shook Ones? It's about 11 minutes into that Matthew Craig mix someone posted a while back. It's really goofy and I like it.
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    2013 > 013 > 130

    Just follow the electro precedent and call it new wave. It'll be funny.
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    Not the only people to have made the ghostface reference re: action bronson. DANNY DUBERSTEIN ‏@COUSINCOLE . @noz I haven't reached the point in my life where I'm like ok I'm tired of every ghostface song let me hear a new one but by a white dude
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    Where should I eat in London?

    Shit yeah that's probably where we went wrong.
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    Where should I eat in London?

    Went back to Chilli Cool for the first time in a couple of years on Wednesday. Not sure how typical this is these days but it was stupidly busy (was there about 8). Clearly overwhelmed staff, food took over an hour, and then arrived one dish at a time (rice last obviously), didn't manage to...
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

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    Well at the risk of sounding like a (larger than usual) smug prick, I went to Free Rotation instead and it was totally amazing. Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse were so so good, I would heavily recommend going to see them at the Hessle fabric that's sometime soon. Blawan, Fred P, Magic Mountain High...
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Wow, is that what that was about? I was so confused by the nuke thing when I read it. That's fucked up.
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    Sounds perfect for the post-'headline act' but pre-'bed by 1am' slot at this.
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    Talking of Fuchsia Dunlop, I finally got round to getting her Szechuan book the other day and now I need to get all the ingredients. Anywhere recommended Chinese supermarkets round Turnpike Lane way? I always used to go to the one in Camberwell Green, but that's a bit of trek now I've moved.