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    chris morris new series stuff

    all i can say is that the manic-miner-loading-screen-style blip slot on C4 the other day made me very excited about this. but then that means i am nathan barley. fuck.
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    the dissensus listening test

    to my ears the second note is: higher, higher, higher, lower
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    Hard Rock

    i'll hold my hands up here and admit: i haven't listened to much zep. but then that's because i've made a point of avoiding them. what put me off? well, where to start? the self-indulgence, the hair, the cod-mysticism, the terrible tales about the abuse of groupies, especially the "red snapper"...
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    vinyl digitisation

    sound studio is the king: no matter what inputs you're using (both my macs have line in, but an iMic will work fine too), it'll do a smashing job. plug in, hit record, watch as it creates a big shiny wave file ... then simply position your cursor...
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    Pop Psychology.

    and i used to feel exactly the same way about shakespeare and dickens as i did about the beatles: what is this crap? why is it good? "well, laddie, it's good because ... because ... because it's shakespeare/dickens/the beatles! and they're great! they just are! millions of your elders and...
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    people with tinted glasses

    i've always been deeply suspicious of tinted specs. there is something horribly sinister about them. my dad had a blue-tinted pair for a very short amount of time, but chucked them after the grief i gave him ("dad, you look like a paedo, take them off") became too great.
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    oh yeh. and meat loaf. you can't forget the loaf. (even though i just did.)
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    trans am, dude! and i'd say isis do this too, to an extent. oh, and mogwai, of course. then there's stuff like klingklang, but they're trying a little too hard. as for "classic" rock - which is kinda the theme here - the stooges and sabbath are pretty much all you need. the MC5 leave me a...
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    now that would be quite a neat idea if enough people did it.
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    Music Licensing Fees

    that's scandalous. say, for sake of argument, the BBC came across one of my long-lost compositions and said (ahem): "right, we'll have that for Match of the Day." surely: • they'd have to find me or my representative to get permission ... and a decent-quality version of the music to edit and...
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    Scissor Sisters.

    i don't give much of a toss about the scissor sisters - decent, likeable, a bit bland - but that kylie single they wrote kicks ASS in a depeche-mode's-second-album stylee. single of the year ... oh, hang on. no. take me out is single of the year. then staring at the sun. then maybe ewan by the...
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    Where's Mark?

    wow. i never even realised all this was happening. because i was so busy in november and early december, i didn't read many threads here ... i'm bloody glad i didn't, to be honest, because if i'd been aware of the seething undercurrents i'd probably not have got as involved in, say, the teachers...
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    there shouldn't be a problem at all, and personally i'm in favour of as much openness between borders as is practical. here in scotland we've got an ageing workforce and too few children; and, as those of you who read my k-punk on kidzzz posts will know, i ain't planning on rectifying the...
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    So what's this rationalism thing all about then?

    ok, i'll bite ;) a dictionary definition of rational: "of the reason; endowed with reason ... sane, intelligent, judicious". which doesn't tell us much. rationalism is described as "a disposition to apply to religious doctrines the same critical methods as to science and history, and to...
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    Dissensus Log-ins.

    aye, seems reasonable. but, umm, why? just wondering, that's all. it doesn't bother me one bit.
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    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    but what relevance does that have to me (yes, i know, subjective again, but see my previous comments) living in a western market society? i'm not talking about police states: i'm talking about the acts of horrific selfishness committed by unthinking individuals being fed the opposite of...
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    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    but metaphorically it kind-of is the rule. we still lie, we still cheat, we still f*** over our friends for the merest possible gain. that said: because i'm a pessimist (misanthrope, as johneffay posits, is a little strong) i'm obviously gonna say that. as with all arguments, it's a question...
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    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    so, let me get this right. if i break into my neighbour's house and steal his wife/dinner/stereo, or crap all over his floor, or decide to swing about from the light fittings making grunting noises then that's ok because i used to be an ape? reductio ad absurdum, i know ... but then so is the...
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    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    but as a species - ie as a collective entity rather than as a collection of individuals - we serve no purpose whatsoever. i mean, bloody vegetation has more purpose than we do. my point has always been this: if i was told humankind was going to become extinct tomorrow - in its entirety, every...
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    A counterblaste to misanthropy

    i wouldn't dream of doing so. life is but a merry hell. ultimately it's up to the individual to make the most of it in whatever way they choose. i'm a confimed misanthrope simply because the majority of - but by no means all - the individuals i see appear to spend their lives making things...