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    Woebot on funky house

    wait, isnt it funky house that is now the braod church, encompassing minimal? ;) it seems curious that "funky house" here is spoken about as thouigh it is something you need tyo go to the equivalent of honest jons to research to hear. its in every bar, club, etc. in sheffield and surroundings...
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    c90 - sheffield. SKAM showcase 1st December

    We've been going a bit crazy recently, with 2 shows in a week in November, and it just doesn't stop! check the details below for the next c90 party: +++++++++++++++++ Cutting a new channel through the Pennines, c90 are proud to present a showcase of peerless talent from the prime of...
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    Hot Old Skool Babes

    ballerinas are HOT
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    what is funky house?

    can we demarcate: -Funky House -Bassline House -"Urban House" (did this ever even exist?)/Duncan Powell style 4x4 garage/the remains of the UKG scene ? is it geograophical? eg: a = nationwide b = Brum, yorkshire, maybe essex? c = essex/east london? or is it sonic? a = live elements, less...
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    The Ruddy Postal Service

    er... did you actually like, do what they asked? doesnt seem to unreasonable to me, given the loss of their monopoly. otherwise its like people phoning First Buses and complaining about a Stagecoach service (which happens frequently) or some other bus company.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    recentish Kiarostami (sort of) rec: Tickets. its ken loach, Kiarostami and this italian dude doing 3 parts each of a film about a single train journey, with characers from each film appearing in the next part. Kiarostami's is the best, didnt like the ken loach one.
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    richie hawtin CD @ Mixmag

    Tim - right on both counts. weird how mixmag have to find "the acceptable face of...." for their readers. loco dice has the dc10 thing too. seems like dc10 (whatever that is) is just full on "minimal" now, some dude called clive henry was doing the rounds, played a pretty good set when i saw him...
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    The Lovers Thread

    MMS: yeah they did "sex club". i get a bit hazy about who produces them but as far as i know they produce their own stuff, with various help from the rest of the sheffield scene, maybe parrot, mark brydon, er etc etc i cant think of any other people but they are thick as thieves.
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    richie hawtin CD @ Mixmag

    yep im into this cd. a bit down to see mixmag going on about "minimal" and then all their readers going "shut up about minimal it is so BORING" cue a million "chin stroking" cliches. like, i dont want mixmag to go on about it either y know. but i like the cd.... i confused tho cos theres a...
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    The Lovers Thread

    oh i thought you meant these
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    Moscow Metro Panoramas

    yeh these photos do however miraculously avoid showing the thousands of old babushkas pushing you out of the way, haggard old people selling every last piece of tat they can find in their cupboards, the unavoidable stench of sweet alcohol infused BO and leather jackets. however, the moscow...
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    Moscow Metro Panoramas

    the -aya is the feminine adjectival ending. the word that is elided is presumably stantsiya (station) or if the name relates to a road, ulitsa - both of these are feminine. Not all stations have this sort of adjectival name though. Dinamo is the name of a sports club - football team, hockey...
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    Moscow Metro Panoramas

    they don't have my favourite, kropotkinskaya :(
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    St Petersburg

    ok.... bearing in mind the last time i was there was 2003.... best club at the mo is tunnel club i think. looks like they have dnb there on a thurs address: адрес клуба: ст.м. "Спортивная", бомбоубежище на углу Зверинской ул. и Любанского пер. ;) , that means Metro "sportivnaya", right on...
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    The Fix Up Oris Jay/MRK 1/Chase and Status/Virus Syndicate

    yo my easr were practically bleeding after the last one, can u upgrade the soundsystem at all so its not so brutal?
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    Liberal Democracy (you love it really)

    im not really convinced by the Rights of Man if they are inviolable, universal, unquestionable, fundamental rights, how come every single one of them are broken every single day on a massive scale.... like, it seems that not everyone got the memo about Human Rights arent the Rights of Man more...
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    sheffield 21/4/06 - c90 presents digital mystikz

    calling all sheffield crew! long awaited sheffield digital mystikz debut..... in the deep dark and dirty matilda cavern. this should be a heavy heavy night btw. c90 presents... DIGITIAL MYSTIKZ (DMZ, Rephlex, Big Apple) MC SPACEAPE (Hyperdub, Kode9) For one special night the stable at the...
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    LOL guess i was just checking i had heard right and it existed..thnx tootsi
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    er track id anyone? seems to be a version of candi staton "youve got the love" but the mc said it was davinche or something?! is this plausible?