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    Looking for writers for

    Hey, all. I was writing music reviews at =AT38QQrwzfi8KLcgkMUEHqUaViLoxADD4wMivqRXwdR_xTP8MOgenjmE7ssKqZvyjdhQx73pVRAhPxEC5EuJqVA7jkYW8MweIetkPMtMnQVM4BimrpEVSGlk17z0e-bGAolbBXJInvUQbLfLyfBRynglbJ3iTiH1YhC-mQzNmPAXrrr6lacbF4iiwPAVD3JRglDbWSsRoS9Y-Lcyag'], but it was overwhelming...
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    Funky/London/UK House

    Reading back a few pages, I agree that two of the aspects that made UK Funky so compelling was fun and sloppy/bashy/lo-fi quality. Like grime, the limitations of software, experience, professionalism (in some cases) made the genre all the more interesting. I've recently beein dipping back into...
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    Wow, I never would've thought of Amazon Downloads. Thanks! And that channel looks great. I'll be streaming that all day :-)
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    Loving all these tunes, and DJ Edu's show on 1xtra. I've been digging around the web but not finding good blogs or places for new tracks. Where are you guys finding/hearing new afrobeat? Where can you buy mp3s?
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    Favorite music promotion sites/forums

    Sorry, I meant DIY resources for bedroom producers, musicians, etc. Forums where people discuss their marketing ideas, or blogs where people talk about great ways to get your music out there.
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    Favorite music promotion sites/forums

    Does anyone know of good music promotion and marketing sites or forums? I'm not finding much that is solidly helpful. Thanks.
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    The Kids Are Bored on Sub.FM, tonite! 7PM EST, Midnight GMT

    BlackPlague and I hold it down on Sub.FM tonite. Bringing you a mix of dubstep, grime, garage, funky, bassline... BASS MUSIC. Sub.FM Get in the chat. Past shows and a link to the studio cam: Right, now you can WATCH us get stupid. Just what our moms were hoping...
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    Bass Tourist BT005: Bassline from the man like Yozzi B

    Our latest release is out now in all good DJ MP3 sites! Yozzi B brings us two badass bassline tunes: (Click to listen) Heavy Man March Ureatha Get the release at: Juno digital-tunes beatsdigital trackitdown addictech dancerecords Or on our web site: Where you can also...
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    it took a while, but here comes: Low Motion 002!

    Low Motion records is proud to announce the impending release of our second 12"-- Sub Swara's deep anthem "Koli Stance," backed with Sharmaji and DJ's Boos' dancefloor scorcher "Skank Ethics." It should be in all good record shops on October 27th, with digital distribution to follow via...
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    NYC: Rowdy! Daizo, Andersonic, Sharmaji, BlackPlague 9/12/08

    Daizo Recombine, Surge, Core FM, NJ Mr. Andersonic Booty Bar, 83 South, Paris, NYC Dave Sharma Low Motion, Sub Swara, Brooklyn, NY MC'd by Black Plague the Lucky Cat 245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY map (Between Driggs Ave and Roebling St) 10PM - 4AM! 21+ $5
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    NYC this Friday come Get Rowdy!

    Damn shame, my friend. Damn shame.
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    NYC this Friday come Get Rowdy!

    Check it! Rowdy!, your favorite NYC bassline, garage, BASS HEAVY PARTY, is now at the Lucky Cat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn every second Friday of the month. Your favorite party for bass-heavy dance music is on a roll this month with two of New York's coolest cats. Rowdy! August 8, 2008 //...
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    Can someone please fucking kill noel gallagher!

    Cigarettes and alcohol is an anthem. Meh. Let him live.
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    US Dockworkers close down all US West Coast Ports to protest Iraq War

    Holy crap. Why is this not all over my news?
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    new york may 11 to 24

    Both Fridays... both at Love. The first one is Dub War, the second one is Trouble & Bass. Both always a good time. Watch the dubstep forum for threads - we often do pregames.
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    Bass Tourist 3 Sentient: British Knights & Bassbinz, out

    Number three from Bass Tourist is a monster. London's Sentient brings us two ridiculously hard tunes blending rave and straight thug. "British Knights" throbs with a half-step and writhes with dancefloor energy. Bassbinz mixes breaks and a bass wobble like an out-of-control robot. Listen to...
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    Managing studio acoustics

    bass tube traps are a good weekend project and did a word of good for my old studio. and wall paneling works well. as well as blankets, curtains and bookshelves. computer music ( had a free pdf about cheap easy home acoustic...
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    HTML editor plug in for firefox?

    Depending on the need for the site, also look at using blogger or something like - even if yre not going to "blog" it's a quick easy way to get get a site up.
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    Secret Agent Gel Art of Beatz Mix

    I did a mix for Art of Beatz to promote Rowdy!, New York's newest bassline monthly Download here: secret agent gel - dreads skepta - doin it again insidaz - ladies man (sound of now) jo e cash - below 40hz play - girl in the taxi (dnd dub)...