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    Should I Publish Myself?

    Yeah, do it. I don't know why there's such a stigma attached to it in literature. Definitely build a relationship with an editor. I think that's crucial. PR & distribution is where you'll meet difficulties. Particularly the latter. But whatever, I wouldn't compromise on control over all...
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    Starting Points in Williamsburg?!

    For experimental sound spaces, there's Diapason (run by the sound artist Michael Schumacher), La Monte Young's Dream House (best sound installation ever?) & The Stone (run by John Zorn) I...
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    Worth going to see Atmospheres performed. It's one of the best orchestral pieces I've ever experienced. A kind of microsound composition for orchestra, it really comes alive when seeing it unfold from 40+ different sound sources coming together. It was a stunningly physical experience. Saw it...
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    anyone going to transmediale?

    Wolfgang Voigt is playing as Gas - I'm curious to see how that works as a live show - and there's the obligatory Raster Noton night, which i'm told has new visuals (admittedly Olaf dropped an ace record this year so it might be good). Other than that I'm not too sure what else to expect at...
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    Sci-fi must-reads and must-views

    A couple of lesser known early sci-fi pieces: EM Forster's short story 'The Machine Stops' from 1909. In full here: 'The Night Land' by William Hope Hodgson, is set several million years in the future, after the 'death' of the sun. Written...
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    WOEBOT bows out

    His posts (and scanned in record covers!) will be deeply missed. That latest Jazz piece was monumental. Matthew, can't you keep scanning in the record covers of your new finds on flickr? It's a fairly mechanical activity and I for one would love it if you kept that up...
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    Love the geekcast matthew. Nice one.
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    Nintendo Wii

    Can't wait to have a go on this. When the rush dies down i'll probably be buying one. I'm not a hardcore gamer - i haven't played games for several years now, but this is going to get me back in the habit. I was brought up with atari consoles and nintendo game&watch, playing simple games with...
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    Rest in Peace Bismillah Khan

    This makes me so sad. I am a big fan of his shehnai recordings. I am saddened by the fact i never saw him perform. My father saw him play live in Delhi years ago and spoke of a mesmerising, moving experience.
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    best obscure Wikipedia pages?
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    anyone on

    There's personalised & tag radio (I have 'minimal' radio on in the background half the time), a huge wiki, tune previews, album artwork and other bits and bobs at There's also a journal facility where you can pontificate to your heart's content with embedded artist/label links...
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    The Trial of Joan of Arc from Bresson Code Unknown from Michael Haneke Close-Up from Abbas Kiarostami Camera Buff from Kieslowski The Sacrifice from Tarkovsky Just picked all these up on DVD recently. Films that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
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    william basinski disintegration loops mp3

    just email william You should really just email William and pay him with paypal. He will mail them out to you (I-IV). Like this you know the artist gets the cash direct. There's really no need for middlemen. Here is william's page with all his work and contact details.
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    starring al gore.

    IMDB link here
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    starring al gore.

    So, this film with al gore standing in front of presentation slides. For the entire feature-length duration. i can't even put into words how badly i want to see this film. it's called an inconvenient truth. does anyone in the uk have it? It's pre-order only on amazon.
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    Patrick Keiller's 'London'

    I like this film a lot. it reminds me of chris marker in theme and style. i never got round to seeing the 'sequel', Robinson in Space. i found both online from moviemail on one dvd. i think i might get that, come to think of it. patrick keiller is teaching at the royal college of art these...
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    An appeal for good Mac shareware

    i missed some other Cocoa apps out: [ NetNewsWire Lite ] - This is the best desktop RSS reader on any platform. Simple, powerful. Lite version is free. [ Transmit ] - This is an FTP client. It's good. It's not free. Cocoa apps are built specifically for OS X. They're the ones with the nicest...
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    Big up glitch crew

    SND are absolute wow. I spent 2.5 months listening to NOTHING BUT SND last year. i regularly work to their music. my favourite digital musicians to ever come out of the UK. apart from eno. of course.