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    To what extent are sonic similarities driven by similar technologies of production and playback?
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    If we're talking jazz and Chicago dance cultures, someone might as well bring up steppin'.
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    Calling Everyone with House Party Know-How

    Definitely don't want to get caught up selling spliffs in the states... Hope it worked out... see you're in HP, good luck with that. Some of the best stuff I went to in Chicago was put on by the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport, might look them up for future events if they are still kicking.
  4. Gavin

    Calling Everyone with House Party Know-How

    What neighborhood? I've gone to some banging house parties on the south side, no problems. Maybe they checked with the neighbors first though.
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    Hurt Locker, straight up racist movie

    No he doesn't. There are 0 repercussions for his supposed risks. He freaks out his unit, but that's it. He's exceedingly good at doing his job and never fails, unless you count not rescuing the Iraqi guy strapped with bombs at the end, but who really cares about him? Everyone else had already...
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    Hurt Locker, straight up racist movie

    And you seem to confuse what people actually say with what you think they seem to say. Discussion is much more satisfying when people engage with what's said rather than what a Marxist strawmn or whatever would say. But I appreciate you pre-empting any potential critique of casting Jordanians as...
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    Hurt Locker, straight up racist movie

    Watched this last night. Agree that it's one-dimensional, cliche-ridden, and generally uninteresting. Somewhat shocked that a pro-war film (pro-Iraq War at that!) would win Best Picture in 2009 -- isn't the Academy full of hippies?
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    tecnobrega and other open source mashups

    Trying to integrate filesharing/copyright issues with this recent article from the Economist: "A World of Hits" The vast middle ground dies off -- the only way you can get the music heard is by parasitically latching on to hits... That's why all the tecnobrega is remixes of pop hits. Same...
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    tecnobrega and other open source mashups

    Here's the film <embed id=VideoPlayback src= style=width:400px;height:326px allowFullScreen=true allowScriptAccess=always type=application/x-shockwave-flash> </embed>
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    tecnobrega and other open source mashups
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    Kwaito resources?

    A couple of academic articles on kwaito:
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    Not really on the same level as the footwork stuff, but an interesting side angle from Chicago's Latinos. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
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    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Really pathetic how Obama's going hat in hand to the banks to "convince them" to lend... Perhaps there should have been strings attached to the hundreds of billions of dollars they were given? Now it's down to scolding? Pathetic! Glad the bankers snubbed O so publicly, might be nice for America...
  14. Gavin

    Berlusconi attacked

    Clearly an upgrade from shoes (themselves an upgrade from pies). What could be next?
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    Anthropology - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Not really anthro (do we need an ethnomusicology thread AND and anthro thread?), but there actually are some breaking news, slander, and lies about Jared Diamond, who has apparently libeled a New Guinean tribesman for murder in a New Yorker article. The tribesman is suing. Good coverage at...
  16. Gavin

    global financial crash yay!

    Drug money propping up banks Any other good articles about massive amounts of drug funds laundered through major financial institutions? Obviously way too much money is made in the drug trade for it not to get through somehow. Read an article yesterday about Mexican drug cartels getting into...
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    Best Christmas Records Ever.

    shameless (or shameful?) plug: Snagged a few recs from this thread!
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    the military

    Soldiers are not public servants. I see plenty of soldiers from every branch in DC. Always with a grim look on their face. Think that's the nature of the soldiers stationed here, more the careerist type (like everyone in DC) than the people who just want college tuition/healthcare.
  19. Gavin

    ethnomusicology readings

    This is a nice book about record collecting, a bit on DJing, in Cali. One of the interesting parts: the Calenos became such good dancers that the DJs started pitching up tunes, playing them at 45 RPM instead of 33. When bands started forming in Cali, they also played salsa at the pitched-up...
  20. Gavin

    ethnomusicology readings

    Article about sonidera DJs for you Mexican cumbia fans out there. Is there a better way to share PDFs?