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    dj godfather the bomb vol II up on bassnation for download

    that is proper good... got a tracklisting?
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    Space Music

    For any space / robot music you should check it seams to be an online radio station thats just a stream of IF's (space invaders are smoking grass etc..) record collection... spent last saturday listening to it and its amazing! also on that site are downloads of his 2 Mixed up in th...
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    The Incredibles

    the sheep thing was amazing, it was called boundin' and was directed by an old school animator, cant remember his name though, I just liked the pure joy of the piece, in a way I almost prefered it over the main feature...
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    gay references in rap lyrics

    Bit off subject but there's a gay hip hop night at heaven in charing cross thats mental... real good music but none of the normal macho head nodding business that normally is the main attitude at hip hop parties, cant remember what its called or when it is but i ended up there late once and it...
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    Famous Artists who designed Record Sleeves.

    Didnt Damien Hirst do the new band aid single and then have to redesign it cos the image he chose of a starving african child might scare young Westerners into not buying the record?
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    Derek Jarman

    hello, At the curzon soho on sunday at 12:00 there's a screening of Jubilee and also Jarman's Caravagio bio... and its only six quid ;)