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  1. Mellsman

    Boomer Nostalgia

    cultural detritus the smoking ruins
  2. Mellsman

    Rivers songs playlist

  3. Mellsman

    Rivers songs playlist

  4. Mellsman

    Rivers songs playlist

  5. Mellsman

    Recommended mixes and playlists

    I visited Shepton mallet prison "the mallet" after xmas, You know how to have a good time @sufi
  6. Mellsman

    archetypal dyads

    Glasgow vs Edinburgh Bristol vs Bath
  7. Mellsman

    Comandante - warehouse party Lisbon 25th Nov

    Also @IdleRich ...what is resistance to the Monopoly of Pleasure? Looks like a great party and I like Tia's crispy sounds.
  8. Mellsman

    Comandante - warehouse party Lisbon 25th Nov

    So the drink is Aunt Maria?
  9. Mellsman

    american bullys and human pitbulls

    Dog looks surprised at being banned. Who me?!
  10. Mellsman

    Listening Clubs Tantalize Audiophiles in London

    email the organiser
  11. Mellsman

    The City, The Country

    Both in equal measures if you can.
  12. Mellsman

    The R.I.P. Thread

    Tina now turning in her grave
  13. Mellsman

    have you got a hairy back and shoulders?

    Dorsal hair. A blessing and a curse. I am a sufferer.
  14. Mellsman

    EDM as in the huge megafestival megagenre thing

    Put a donk on it.
  15. Mellsman

    The Great British Wank Bank

    Open all year around. Closed Christmas Day. The search continues.
  16. Mellsman

    Oxfordshire Culture mafia

    Choppand Snortem
  17. Mellsman

    Verlaine // Television

    I adore this record.
  18. Mellsman

    what are you reading now?

    I’ve read that. Good / horrible bit with a horse IIRC. TC Boyle
  19. Mellsman

    stoned thoughts

    Paddy Mayne