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  1. soul_pill

    spiral tribe - the good bits

    Pay what you like for the digital of Diesel M
  2. soul_pill

    spiral tribe - the good bits

  3. soul_pill


    It no longer sounds like bladerunner, but stranger things (s1 ep1)
  4. soul_pill

    jungle remixes of non-jungle artists

    Not mentioned on the video but I believe this is a shy fx remix
  5. soul_pill

    rap with IDM esque beats

  6. soul_pill

    We are Lady Parts

    Azadi.mp3 isn't it?
  7. soul_pill

    Dissensus Raw: The Compilation - A Thread

    I can master for free, but it will be in spare time in between other work, but depending on number of tracks it could be done within a week. I can also sequence the album etc.
  8. soul_pill

    Dissensus Raw Productions

    I can do mastering
  9. soul_pill

    Detroit - the myth

    this one by Joey/Mundo/Richie
  10. soul_pill

    Totally exquisite bits in jungle

    I always loved this one by them ^ drums are indeed exquisite throughout with pitch-stretched break (like early juice box) and little chopped break trills getting more intricate towards the end.
  11. soul_pill

    Rave music that sampled the sixties

    This one too .... John Lennon
  12. soul_pill

    Thrive in '95 - Jungle's zenith

    Talking about T-Power remixes of Shy FX, there's this remix of Original Nuttah
  13. soul_pill

    The Ever Burning Question

    ugh, no hauntology please.
  14. soul_pill

    Grime INstrumental

    What's the vocal sample in this? I also head it on a footwork track
  15. soul_pill

    Wiley - Godfather

    nexus 21 (pre-altern 8)
  16. soul_pill

    Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?

    I've got 4 kids, the eldest is 20 and not really into much music. Last time I probed he said he liked Ben Frost and Tim Hecker, but he doesn't really like to talk to me. !4 y/o into a sort of breaks/edm hybrid stuff which sounds pretty obnoxious, all breakdowns and fills.
  17. soul_pill


    That's called 'Window Jump' by Traxman (unreleased)