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  1. J

    Jungle tune ID

    "the Colombian Amazon rainforest has become the number one producer of the world's biggest export... COCAINE" (commence tear up)
  2. J

    Mr Fingers / Larry Heard

    Mr. White He's just done a new acid-y track with a singer called Mr White that is just amazing.
  3. J

    Who isn't on myspace?

    doing my dissertation on memorialising people through myspace, so I'm almost utterly sick of the thing... but not quite. ricardo villalobos, robag whrume, carl craig, mark broom are all recent additions to my friends list
  4. J

    favourite recent grime lyrics

    maybe a Herbert/Wiley collaboration is on the cards.... Skepta's 'deeper' bars, definitely
  5. J

    OK time to fess up

    (psst Michael Mayer's not gay. he has a girlfriend and everything)
  6. J

    DJ Koze for free at T bar tonight

    exactly what it says on the tin.
  7. J

    theo parrish- 'falling up (carl craig remix)'

    bloody hell yeah this is awesome. it goes through loads of phases too, different stuff coming in around that 'bow wow wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow'. i have it on a dodgy white label 12" pressing , but i think it's only just been properly released innit
  8. J

    Wanted : Grime Crew !!!

    i mc but i only have one bar
  9. J

    24hr party people Revelation!!

    yeah i really liked it. funniest suicide ever!
  10. J

    Grime vs Classical on Radio 3

    yeah haha. they should do that nightmarish dj mondie 'best of british' too!
  11. J

    'the' juan maclean- less than human

    why do i not write in sentences?
  12. J

    'the' juan maclean- less than human

    i love 'give me every little thing'. way more on the lindstrom space disco axis than much of dfa glam party indie.
  13. J

    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    yeah it was Villalobos, he was just playing some deep house to finish up, and in it came unmixed... the rarely heard breakdown and big reggaeish drop got a big response
  14. J

    Skream - Late Nite Request Line

    Ricardo Villalobos played this right near end at fabric this morning. Amazing to hear it on that sound system. Onward 'Midnite Request Line'! Breaching yet more genre boundaries!
  15. J

    help find trancey disco

    lindstrom 'I feel space' is pretty much bang on that description
  16. J

    cracked out house

    It's kind of 'progressive''s revenge. I'm not sure I sure I buy the ILM arugument that german house is now a pretty elaglitarian affair - micro and electro houses kind of merging into one general Good House Music crossroads. It seems more the soundscapers' reaction to the 2001-2003 *critical...
  17. J

    Jeff Mills

    The exhibitionist mix he released last year was pretty good, but I can never get enough of his all-over-the-place-hopping-bird-like mixing style. Haven't heard Live at the Liquid Rooms but I hear it's awesome... As for his recordings, i don't know anything apart from Purpose Maker, and yeah...
  18. J

    Ruff Sqwad @ The Whitechapel Gallery - Fri 4th Nov

    yeah great fun. big up all involved
  19. J


    oh yeah i've seen this. There's another bit where Graham is pissing about with a tiny practice amp and a couple of effects pedals, saying 'yeah, you can get some really interesting sounds out of this'. Cue fuzz dirge drone, while he makes knob adjustments and nods. Lo-fi man!!!
  20. J

    DJ Top 100 2005

    so Weatherall would really clean up. (This isn't even a remotely techno-centric board, which is odd)