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    favourite headline ever

    While "Australian dies after 'planking' on balcony, police say" isnt my favourite headline ever ( I did enjoy this line: 'Mr Barnett said the death on Sunday is "what we've been fearing". "As planking gains popularity, there may be more...
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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    Great idea grem, good collection of tracks so far. I sent you a pm with a contribution through here (dont really use soundcloud)
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Young butcher of the year was a hard show! Young hairdresser of the year, on the other hand, was not.
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    Ouch kinda painful, gotta admit i did enjoy her bio though: "Author, poet and artist. Just something I have been doing my whole life. I'm happy to have finally The Greek Seaman novel published on KIndle and the Nook, sony ereader or PC with the free Apps, along with my poems and short stories...
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    Great 2 Step?

    Finally got round to checking the mix, really enjoyed it - ta.
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    knew he was into reggae but didnt know he owned that, great label!
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    Can you be a DJ and not own a label or make music?

    His Anger is a Gift mixtape was decent (managed to get vado and busy signal on a Lewi White instrumental which is pretty good going in my books).
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    thanks, that seems like more or less what im after, will work out a way to get the bike over there.
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    favourite headline ever

    Leona Lewis wins London's most influential woman vote International Women's Day: Leona Lewis has been named by Metro readers as their most influential woman to live or work in London in the past century. She got 70% of the 10,000 votes cast :eek...
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    Ive got an old raleigh bike (given to me by my uncle) which i rode for a bit before fucking up one of the wheels. Along with this it just generally needs a good going over to get it working safely, any recommendations for places in london to take it to get fixed up where i wont get rinsed...
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    just to clarify they dont sell drinks just coffee beans / grinds, well worth it tho.
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    Quite a new coffee drinker (mostly because my girlfriend is Italian tbh) but use a moka (sp?) for making my own (had it about three months and have finally broken it in). Dont really drink long coffees but i do like a machiatto in Italy (never had a good one in England really). In fact some of...
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    I think your right about a pyschological advantage having a big impact in squash. One friend i play against can always pull back a 5 point deficit to win in a deciding match, even though im sure we're not that far apart in ability (hes probs a bit fitter). I always try to convince mysefl ill win...
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    where should i play in England and Ireland?

    Ive never actually made it to one of their dances but Hipsters Dont Dance aparrently put on good parties with a variety of stuff ( so you could try them - Otherwise i think Secousse would definitely be worth hitting up. Gabriel...
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    Havent fully read the thread so dont know whats been mentioned before but the Brick Bandits Crew seems like the obvious place to start. Edit: The wiki page is quite funny:
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    Demdike Stare

    Funny to hear so many people comparing them to Shackleton; i totally understand why and on paper they are a very close match but i think their outputs feel really different.
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    Woiii. Persy!
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    Demdike Stare

    Did anyone on hear go to the live show in brighton (think Raime were / was supporting as well). Would be interested to know what sort of a vibe it was. Were people dancing or shoe gazing?
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    Reggae Britannia

    Whole thing is available on Youtube i think for anyone that missed it - Some good archive footage and an enjoyable watch but a shame that it onlycovered ground that has been examined before. Definitely scope for another 1.5hr doc taking it from soul II soul to now, maybe that will come about...