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    the skyscraper, the dogs jumping, the other universe in the fridge, unforgettable... but the references were too american for me at the time : there was nothing innocent about the marshmellow man, the hearst was another bulky american car. More dissappointing was the 'business is booming'...
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    loved it, thanks dave
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    daft punk - human after all

    the downtempo tracks stand out, the human tracks
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    what did you listen to today?

    on the motorway over the weekend listened to : Kid Kameleon sets - Absolutely Shocking / Even More Shocking - kid kameleon Barry Manilow - Mandy Alphaville - Forever Young (that track from Napoleon Dynamite) Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Souls for Rock n Roll - listening to The Wizard a lot...
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    frank gehry

    yeah. Lush.... excessive. I wouldn't want to live there, or be next door. gehry's stopped shocking me and I'm sure that shouldn't be the case with architecture. Can't say i've actually walked round the places/spaces, I've only drooled over the pictures. love the process, love the ideas but I...
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    back in the mid-90s eno and toop spoke of generative music as the way forward. in theory the music never repeats itself, given the right rules and parameters.
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    so why has it become the best film ever made... curious
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    The Curse of "White Reggae"

    'cod-reggae' - it's not exclusively a white genre but most of the songs on that above list'd fit
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    the wire

    i can't make sense of his reviews, too convoluted and you need serious HipHop knowledge to catch the references. A shame as it's a section I look fwd to
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    Team America: World Police

    i'm worried this'll be a re-tread of the South Park feature, tell me I'm wrong. + would it be just as effective on DVD, or does it need the cinema?
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    Dodgy Boozers

    as luke was saying - how many times have you walked into a pub, everyone stops, turns and you swear you can heard a record being torn off a turntable.. most recently at the 'General Crack-Pipe' (not real name) in White City - on the outside it looks like a gutted building, burnt out cars in...
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    the wire

    the question of whether or not to keep buying it comes up every month, and every year I wonder if I should bin my back issues (almost a decade). i seem to skim through reading the bold text to see what's been released as soon as it's out then read the articles a month or two later. first one i...
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    dissensus drinks meet up

    thx to Marcus and everyone for being so calm about it... the bruises around the eyes have gone yellow and purple so it looks like I'm wearing eyeshadow.
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    it was far and away the best film made for a week or two, then Gremlins came out
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    No U turn samples

    I'd always thought No-U-Turn (certainly, nico and ed) generated their samples on decks, but obv not the vocals.
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    Dodgy Boozers

    the star and garter in Montpelier, Bristol. Famously run by Ken, dutty ken as he's known, this isn't a pub so much as Ken's front room. Daubed with graffitti outside and packed with bric-a-brac and household oddments inside. DJ Derek, britain's oldest DJ and the star of several documentaries...
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    Dissensus North East London Massive in full effect

    overwhelmed by the whole experience. i'm still recovering...... ( haha ) and a treat to meet everyone. a shame some couldn't make it, but we're sure to do it again.
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    what are your favourite grime slang terms?

    in da hours = later on eg: we'll catch up in da hours
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    Earthquake simulations

    and there's more to come......
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    Baby Tortoises.

    hell yeah, they can move. but I always wonder how different their perspective on time must be from ours. was crushed in the 80s when i couldn't have one as a pet. they weren't selling them in the uk anymore - unscrupulous importers were stacking them in the backs of vans. so i hadn't actually...