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    Rivers songs playlist

    CCR liked rivers:
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    Rivers songs playlist

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    Rivers songs playlist

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    Dissentio Imbibendum

    I live where its really hot almost all the time. And I love whiskey. So I made a drink: 2 fingers Irish whiskey 1 ice cube slice of habanero Refreshing! but I dont know what to call it.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    Is there a thread already for "Conspiracy Theory Hip-Hop"? I was listening to this today and it reminded me of some stuff a friend of mine sent me years ago, and I cant remember who it was. But I am interested in more of the same lyrical content:
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    board is really dead

    I think it was the thread "Fush". there it is:
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    lovers jungle

    Ive been lurking for over a decade now, but this is one of my favorite songs and I love this thread. While the vocals are just samples instead of the whole melody, the whole things works in a way that for me is romantic. The same way Art Of Noise's Moments in Love is romantic.
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    track ids - any help appreciated (early/mid 90s leftfield electronic)

    shots in the dark Track 1 reminds me of a lot of early Dj Food stuff I had. But youve probably checked that already since youve mentioned it sounds like early ninja tune Track 2 reminds me of a cd i havent heard in about 4 or 5 years, and I no longer have it to check it out...
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    Acid House

    Im surprised theres no Relief Records on here yet. This is one of my favorite acid tracks and one of my favorite records: DJ Sneak & Armand Van Helden - Hardsteppin Disko Selection from '96. I like...
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    Dissentian guide to Chicago

    First: Greetings, its nice to be back. I moved from Chicago 3 years ago to Mexico, and still remember a lot of Chicago fondly. Also this was the time when i stopped posting on Dissensus. This thread was just too tempting to ignore. So remember, all my advice is about 3 years old, but should...
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    global financial crash yay!

    Thats what i thought. Politiks as usual..... money n votes. mor insight:
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    amn kyboar

    ahh, sorry: laptop kyboar. living in Mexico, so its not availabl an no mony - $$$. any gratis option?
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    global financial crash yay! The Money Behind the Bailout Vote According to, House members who voted for the bailout received 54 percent more money from banks and securities firms than members who voted against it. The nonpartisan...
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    amn kyboar

    sriously, is thr any way to fix this without buying a nw kyboar?
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    amn kyboar

    what os it man whn on olumn of your kyboar onstintnly stops working, thn starts again smingly ranomly?
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    Is this the end of the Reagan/Rove right?

    Politcal Science The best summary of the election process that Ive read comes from.... you guessed it: Stephen Colbert. He and John Stewart recently had a conversation with Entertainment Weekly: JON STEWART: I was convinced an Obama/McCain campaign would be measurably different on almost all...
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    Headphone Reviews

    I havent tried all of them, but i had the Sony MDR V6 for years and years, until finally they broke. It surpassed all others in richness of sound, loudness, and comfort. Durability and the short coiled cord are the only drawbacks, since they are more studio hedphones than DJing. I tried a few...
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    went hiking in hawaii once, and the trail was littered with old wrappings and cups and bottles, etc. what the hell???? i can only assume the litterers were there to "escape" to paradise as much as anyone else. are they even conscious of what they do? also, i ride my bike around chicago...