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  1. Leo

    Russia Surrounded
  2. Leo

    Recommended mixes and playlists

    @shakahislop is welcome to swing by, but the guards are required to strip search all visitors. Think of it as an adventure, cool bragging rights.
  3. Leo

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    bold move, go for it.
  4. Leo

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

  5. Leo


    a friend in london
  6. Leo

    The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

    what do you think of the Elizabeth Spiers rebuttal?
  7. Leo

    The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

    Stan’s world: Counterpoint: (
  8. Leo

    Grauniad links

    "It's not you, it's me."
  9. Leo

    Where tf is Leo?

  10. Leo

    if New York can die so can London

    if we told you, we'd have to kill you.
  11. Leo

    US Election 2024
  12. Leo

    Thirdform's Turkish Delight

    I will curse back at him in Portuguese.
  13. Leo

    'I heard a passing car playing this' log

    Google Translate getting a workout.
  14. Leo

    'I heard a passing car playing this' log

    Üzgünüm, üçüncü. O pasajın anlamını açıklar mısınız?
  15. Leo

    The Prose Stylist

    A girl who falls in love with a male lesbian.
  16. Leo

    Grauniad links

    unfuck it. all media, however cringe, should be linkable here.
  17. Leo

    4 day week

    I'll take two headless cats.
  18. Leo

    Crap garage anthems

    yup, but we just knew it as NY house.
  19. Leo

    Crap garage anthems

    wiki has a bit on US garage house, so yeah that, but most people here just called it house or New York house.
  20. Leo

    Crap garage anthems

    I'm sure there are some but I couldn't name one right now. how about you, @Clinamenic? what are some US garage tracks, crap or otherwise?