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    Robert Aickman

    I like his work a lot and am glad the Faber re-prints are available. Not sure about those covers though... What is dubstep?
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    A blog/album of 37 one minute tracks that I'll be adding to over the next few weeks.
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    Recommend me dub.

    Thanks will check these out. Heard the Creation Rebel album but it didn't really do it. Thinking more along the lines this... ...but, y'know, a bit further out.
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    Enter The Void

    I thought it was very good but you really need to see it on the big screen.
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    Ramleh (90s version with guitars)

    Don't really approve of the use of topless 'eye candy' to sell magazines :slanted:
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    Recommend me dub.

    I need some really spacey '70s dub. Endless space echo fading into tape distortion, cavernous spring reverb etc.
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    Royal Trux

    I don't agree with that (received?) opinion. Exile... is a well played, well sequenced selection of, somewhat overrated, tunes by probably one of the tightest rock bands in the world at that time.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    EntEr the vOid Unreservedly recommended.
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    The Edgar Broughton Band

    This is the one you want...
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    Cheap as f**k meals thread

    Ragoût Instantané. Ingredients 1 packet Smash 1 OXO cube Preparation Pour Smash into a bowl In a jug add the OXO cube to the amount of boiling water specified for the Smash Add the above to the above and stir Et voila!
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    The Unions

    If you're lucky enough to be in a job where you can join a union you'd be a fool not to quite frankly. The first thing in did in my present job was pick up a security pass, the second was find out the name of my union rep. "United we stand, divided we're lumbered." As Harry Flowers so...
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    Royal Trux

    Not so keen on Cat & Dogs, more of a Twin Infinitives kinda guy but loved the Singles Live & Unreleased box. Saw them at the Garage in London maybe 15(!) years ago and remember it being pretty superb. Not bothered about any of the stuff after they split. Yeah, Royal Trux...
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    films you've seen recently and would NOT recommend

    Gainsbourg (Vie Héroïque). Awful...
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    studio headphones

    I've used a pair Sennheiser HD 280 Pros for the last four years or so. Flat response, super sturdy however they clamp onto your ears like a vice :eek:
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    what you currently enjoying ?

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    what you currently enjoying ?

    The Claude Larson - Digital Landscape The Aloud - Something Kinda Ooooh The Can - Tago Mago The Demdike Stare - Symbiosis The Fall - Various, I'm Into CB, Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot etc etc etc...
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    Can i follow you on soundcloud?

    Works in progress, almost 'there'...
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    what are you reading now?

    Inner Paths To Outer Space - Strassman, Wojtowicz, Luna, Frecska Lucid, well written and informative despite the awful, awful cover.
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    Are you feeling the recession (yet)?

    I'm alright (Jack) but a noticeable number of people higher up the food-chain than me have left to "pursue freelance opportunities" :slanted:
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    Babylon on BBC iPlayer