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    Dreams and dream theory

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    club music with no drums

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    sublime detournement of samples from pop songs

    utterly twisted this one, turned into something sinister and stalker-ish
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    mnml/tech house with the sickest, most insane sonics

    still love the warping bassline here this one's a bit sexy too some standouts had this kind of haunted house vibe that i think worked well with the shambling, barely-animated beat, i'm thinking of tunes like mathew jonson "marionette", nathan fake "the sky was pink", âme "rej", villalobos...
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    anyone still following this stuff? playing a bit of catchup great energy in the room here
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    UK Garage that sounds like electro (sort of) OR Do my job for me part 15

    more of the 4x4 approach a la dj narrows...
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    UK Garage that sounds like electro (sort of) OR Do my job for me part 15

    heading further into bleepy grime territory, with that benga tune as reference...
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    UK Garage that sounds like electro (sort of) OR Do my job for me part 15

    any of this on the right track, or are the drums still too err... humanistic sounding? to what extent have you looked into proto-grime e.g. sticky, jon e cash, alias, dj oddz and the like? and stuff such as:
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    softcore dance

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    RIP Vangelis

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    Electronic Body Music

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    Decent house/electronic remixes of major label singles

    i see hex hector is already posted in the 'bad' category this one still does it for me though
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    Gen Z junglizm

    this one coulda fooled me
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    Gen Z junglizm

    sewerslvt fits here i think. seems to borrow from all sorts of genres in typical maximalist "internet music" fashion.
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    his name is al-kat abu abdulah القط ابوعبدالله

    is this the right thread for anyone know more like? it's a mad one
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    How has burial dated for you?

    it really does dip into jesus christ superstar territory there at the end haha
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    Twees're Good (except they're not)

    luka with the 8 year callout!! trying to figure if I should feel affronted or not. was I really alt right then? am I alt right now? these are confusing times.
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    How has burial dated for you?

    too true. all that ironically detached nonsense can fuck right off.
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    Jackin' / Electroline

    what's the tune with the lyrics "I made a big mistake honey" and the Show Me Love-style synth? I think it might be by Cause & Affect but I haven't been able to find any info.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    download please