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    songs about death

    Allen Ginsberg - Father Death Blues which I think I read that he wrote on a plane traveling home to his father's funeral. This version is the one I like best:
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    UK bass music documentaries

    Musically Mad, a Swedish documentary on UK Soundsystem Culture.
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    Burial "Untrue"

    Much thanks for this.
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    Burial "Untrue"

    Can you still listen to or download the Kode9 mix of the new Burial tracks somewhere? Sorry if this has already been mentioned, can't seem to find any info or link.
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    Songs with coughing in

    Can't believe nobody mentioned "Disco Band" with Scotch?? Classic cheesy instrumental 80's italo-disco with sampled rhythmical couching. It was known as "the cough tune" for God's sake! At least where i lived. Is it because it's too obvious or did really nobody think of this one?
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    I've always seen it as a triangle signifying the Holy Trinity. Now, here's my question I'm dying to ask but am too scared etc: When you list the tunes on a 12inch vinyl record, it's often on the format Artist name Name of the tune on side A BW Name of the tune on side B What does the...
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    Andy Weatherall

    I rate Two Lone Swordsmen's "Return To Flight Path Estate" as one of the best albums ever, can't really explain why except that I had a such a fantastic listening experience with this album once when I had a high fever sometime in the late '90s. It just entered my system and hasn't left since. :)
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    Maybe some people reading this thread noticed that I posted a question in the "questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred"-thread yesterday where I asked what Hauntology is. I got one answer but wasn't totally satisfied. I thought there must be more to it than...
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    Ah, feels good to bring back this old but very useful thread... My question: What's is "Hauntology"? Can someone deliver a small "Hauntology for dummies"-type explanation? Especially about how the word is used here in the Hauntology thread, which to my unknowing eye just seems to be about good...
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    rhythm and sound, burial mix, wackies cheap(ish)

    Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II This one never ceases to fascinate me. It's just... perfect.
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    Best ever Wiley/Roll Deep Vocals?

    Yeah, "Doorway" was definitely big, but I was also a little disappointed becuase it seemed that he somehow had streamlined the sound of the Ground Zero riddim for the album vocal. It wasn't as heavy as the earlier instrumental versions. But we're talking vocals now and the lyrics was still...
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    Best Ever Ruff Sqwad beats?

    Pied Piper and R. U. Double F I'm surprised nobody has mentioned these. Why? Are they too old, too naive and simple or do people really find them mediocre? To me they're way above most of the beats they've done later on, although I like a lot of that stuff too.
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    "Devil Mixes"

    Wiley talked about this in an interview for This site seems to be no more, but I found the interview on How did the idea for the beatless "devil mixes" come about? Nah it's not "devil mix" you know? I called it that because it sounded...
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    "Devil Mixes"

    Interesting... and confusing. The file I have (Yes, I confess, I'm talking mp3's now, naughty me) of Pulse Eskimo/Gunshot riddim credits it to Wiley. Of course that wouldn't normally mean anything, since mp3's found on DC++ grime hubs are more often than not misinformingly named. But then I...
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    Grime in "foreign" languages?

    I'm just wondering what people think about artists from other countries than the UK doing grime. Is it still grime? And how about the question of language? Is it still grime if it's done in another langauge than English? Or is it maybe even more fake if they try to speak English when they're...
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    I'd say it's a LOT more complex than that. Of course one can choose to disregard how peoples' social background limits their possibilites in society, but this is a political stance and not an undeniable truth.
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    Modern Dub

    I agree, that tune is... just perfect. I'm not sure I've heard the alternative version your talking about though. But its called "Mash Down Babylon", not "March...". Though it does sound very much like they're singing "march".
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    Modern Dub

    Heavy dub business! I have only heard one Jah Free tune before, "Dub One Another" on Universal Egg's "Egg Files" compilation, and that was brilliant. This sound equally good, big up! Fitta Warri is also great, although this video ( for his tune...
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    Kray Twinz

    This definition of desi, "any music being made by someone of southeast asian descent, regardless of how it sounds" seems kind of pointless and almost a bit racist to me (note that I not in any way mean that someone here is a racist or anything). But I mean if someone with southeast asian...
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    human beatboxes

    The grime scene seems to have spawned a small beatbox revival. Probably because people often stand out in the streets spittin lyrics where there's no other music available (at least there wasn't until they realised they could play the mp3s they had stored in there mobile phones, using the loud...