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    Luka's Wonderful Poetry Thread

    nb this is a VERY limited edition if you want one get in there quick
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    What job should Mixed Biscuits get? see

    Reeling from a recent termination of contract @mixed_biscuits had forgotten life is full of possibilities. In this thread we remind him that as one door closes, another opens.
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    WORD TRADE Bicester Village LAUNCH pArTy 01.08.24

    Luke Davis is not only a millionaire superstar sexually irresistible to people of all genders - he is also a recognised literary genius, and he's gracing the book market with his latest masterpiece, Bicester Village, this summer. So that you may pay your tributes in person, the Word Trade cabal...
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    Rolf Harris

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    Rolf Harris

    i hate this flipping forum
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    The french

    gainsbourg's tomb
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    this is a shocking misrepresentation. i had read sartre in schooldays, was into more interesting stuff by the time i got to London
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    Speaking of fire

    two suits and a violin
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    he made a whole career of it in a way.
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    it's not really a criticism, i can see why he likes them, but look at the first line. what are the other undisclosed messages? who's withholding them? it's only there to add a hint of textual mystery really
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    I've got a feeling it was originally a troubadour form but i don't think anyone here speaks Provençal
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    this is the canonical DOUBLE sestina Ye Goatherd Gods decent one by John Ashbery but it's not in a classical metre larded with Ashbery's usual irrelevancies Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape
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    This is an example of a sestina, considered by some to be the most difficult poetic form. See how the end words cycle in a particular pattern in each stanza and are recapitulated in the closing three lines? That helps with the disorientating, static feel, and gives rise to effects like something...
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    Dissensus, as far as I am aware, emerged from a spirit of celebration, not of some partisan taste, but (despite the umbrella) something we all share, and yet none of us is any closer to a definition. What is it? Birdsong, the rush of air through foliage, the babble of a stream? Crackling of...
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    HARD RESET. BEGIN AFTER BASICS. We have progressed past the logistic stage to a point where arcs inscribe their object. New post-everything ideas about the feeling in my fingertips. There is nothing more conducive to ballistic reflections than curving concrete, just round from the long, wide...
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    Any individual will attest: the eye cast over a closing confession. The spooling confetti clause, with a false front and plumb-line, ponders. The world takes another turn, and here comes the hangman, no stone or sun. It's just a set, up, a person from St. Kitt's: easy to slam shut and carry on...
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    so long all!

    well folks after twenty five (!) years of posting it's time for me to log out for the last time! I've just moved a girl in to my flat ( for better or wise!!) and as we all know that disqualifies me from the forum...! before i go i just want to say thanks to the lads! (and dudes)( and everyone...
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    The Media Controls Your Mind

    this is the single constant theme of dissensus from k-punk through to now. it's the only topic ever discussed on this forum
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    i wonder if mixed biscuit is up for a round off penertrating questions.