Strikes me as odd that there isn't a thread about Kanye already on here (perhaps there is and my search function ain't shit). 'Yeezus' is topping all of the end of year polls for music critics, and not a day goes by that I don't see something about Kanye beating up paparazzi, or chucking hecklers out of his ridiculously grandiose operap shows, or being parodied on SNL, or going off on a radio show host. Love him, hate him, he's surely the single most divisive and interesting figure in popular music at the moment.

It has struck me recently how important image/marketing can be in pushing an artist or indeed musical style over into mainstream popularity/notoriety and thus sustainability and Kanye is a striking exemplar of this - his personality, the images and words SURROUNDING his music, are arguably as important as the music itself - if not MORE so - in turning him into such a figure of importance. Of course, his music has often been brilliant (although I'm not all that au fait and hope that this thread might help me/us bone up on Ye's back catalogue) and certainly very controversial. Whatever you think of 'Yeezus', the sheer boldness and of it is admirable - as with his narcissism, his music feels undiluted. His lack of self-awareness, and of shame-faced-ness, and of irony, makes him an easy target for parody. But I have to also say that this confidence, this passion and sheer belief in the seriousness and importance of his music makes Kanye an interesting figure for throwing a lot of the electronic/dance music I listen to into relief. Where is the personality, the ideas, the gravity (even if ridiculous) in dance music at the moment? Should electronic/dance music exist for escapism only, and has it always existed for just that purpose? Was grime the last time music that would get salivated over on dissensus really ''MATTERED''?

I see I've ended up ranting like Kanye here. I really just was surprised that one of the most discussed artists of 2013 hasn't really been discussed on here much (to my knowledge).