I read a super thread on twitter today starting with "what's the worst thing about brexit? ...and it's nothing to do with Europe". The answer was all about impunity for political cockups (e.g. 100s of letters going out to uk legal residents telling them to leave the country, no call for the home sec, HO minister or even immigration minister to resign) and conspiracies,

To me that is 2016/7 politics all over, the same shit in the US despite they have no brexit.

I expected the answer to be the legitimisation of victimisation of europeans and non-ukers. The expansion of bad behaviour by the state is an example here too, e.g. in Samim's deportation case. But also on the streets. And the expansion of bad faith all round.

I'll post the thread if i can find it again.

It's odd how abstract the actual europe issues are compared to the non europe issues, perhaps the worst is yet to come in both