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Thread: Hipsters, in hindsight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattycakes_ View Post
    it's almost a form of aesthetic facism. kinda like the nazi idealized superior race shit sold to each other through social media
    Hitler errr I mean Instagram Youth...

    OTOH I see a lot of fat and ugly kids also IRL. I suppose they just stay away from the insta-meat-market-district.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattycakes_ View Post
    Yeah, all that ugly beautiful, geek chic, embarrassing 80s high school yearbook photo, brutalist fashion etc. Def ain't my thing. Some pull it off but nah
    Spain is absolutely full of gorgeous women with terrible hair, but the aesthetic there is more hippy than hipster - more in line with how a long of young/ish people look in Camden/Brighton/Bristol.
    Quote Originally Posted by woops
    i hate sigs

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