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Thread: Ballymurphy Inquest.

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    Default Ballymurphy Inquest.

    Has anyone been following this? If what Gow is saying is true, it's absolutely appalling.

    British soldiers used shot Catholic man's skull as ashtray -

    Details of the disturbing actions of British soldiers were raised this week at an inquest into the killing of 10 people over three days in Ballymurphy in west Belfast in 1971 by the Parachute Regiment.

    Former Paratrooper Henry Gow told the coroner's court how a colleague recovered part of the skull of another man killed in the area, Henry Thornton, and used it as an ashtray.
    During questioning this week Mr Gow said that a 'sweepstake' was run by his unit to reward soldiers who "got a kill".

    Henry Gow, whose company of the Parachute Regiment was not involved in the Ballymurphy shooting,s said the winner "got the pot" and would use the money to "go for a piss-up".

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    The paras are basically the gestapo. Its well known around these parts.

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