So, on the minuscule off-chance that anyone happens to be in Lisbon this weekend.
On Friday we are dj-ing at a tiny new-ish basement bar thing called In Bloom (R. Lucinda Simões 5A, 1900-304 Lisboa). Just a chance to play loads of random weird sevens and stuff that I don't normally spin in a club. Two euros in if we remember to collect money.

It's the first night for Invisible City at In Bloom - into the Aquarium where a lucky few will experience records that you simply won't hear anywhere else in Lisbon. Idle Rich and Lizatron are venturing bravely into the furthest reaches of their enormous record collection, emerging with countless amazing tunes and dynamite discs that will bend your mind.
In other words we will be playing styles including post-punk, electro,Turkish psychedelia, bollywood, soundtrack, garage rock, soul, funk, coldwave and maybe some ebm, house, techno.
Also, we're playing a more conventional set at Le Baron on Saturday - although we have been told we were "too dark" last time so expect happy clappy.