That's the author not the guy out of Peep Show.
Anyone read his books? I've read a few over the years and basically I've always enjoyed them to the extent that I will pick them up from a charity shop and like them but never been totally blown away by them. Anyway, this week I read Bone Clocks which is one of his later ones I guess and it suddenly hit me (or was revealed to me) that all the books are in the same universe, characters recur or you realise suddenly that someone is the grandchild of someone from a previous book... or, in fact, in Bone Clocks you realise that this character or that is the reincarnation of the immortal soul of another. I don't think I was being stupid not noticing this before in that many of the recurring characters are minor and I read the books years apart, but in Bone Clocks it's all made much more explicit. But anyway, OK, so far, so normal, that's all been done before I guess (Neal Stephenson to name one proponent), but what's fascinating about this is that now meeting an old character (or a relative of an old character) gives huge insights into the books you read before and in fact makes you realise that what you thought happened, what you took from the book - let's be honest here in fact - what did happen, is now not what happened. You have a new perspective, he's changed what happened. And in a sense it feels like a trick or like when they sort of re-write the canon in Star Wars or something but it's not quite that cos it all makes sense and it doesn't contradict what happened before, it changes it but consistently in ways that are hard to explain. I want to know if he really planned it from the first book he wrote however many years ago or if he devised it afterwords and how he managed to bring it all together - did he have loads of charts with timelines of all these people and where their grandparents would have been in 1684 from the first book? It's a huge technical achievement if nothing else, but more than that, this bending of the past without actual breaking is something I've never seen before, has anyone else done it?