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Thread: Kate Tempest

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMGovt View Post
    Akala. Discuss.
    He reminds me of Russell Brand at times and I'm not really into his music, but I don't find too much to disagree with when I hear what he has to say - although I haven't seen/heard that much of him.

    He interviewed Kano recently.

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    Tempest is thick wooly jumpers, clutching a cup of cocoa, wearily looking out at the council estate on a gray day. Seth rogan level edgy.
    Took a rest stop that wasn't on the schedule

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    As far as akala goes telly needs a youngish black man to keep coming on to articulate those views and be able to hold his own in those silly telly debates they have. It's sort of a structural thing. He seems to do a good job of it.

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