Obviously we've been discussing the internet and social media from various angles for ages now, but here's another.

“More than 30 influencers told me that the Saudi government blackmailed them with material obtained by hacking their phones. They were given two options: Tweet propaganda or have your private content, including pictures, released on Twitter.”

Saudi spies hacked my phone and tried to stop my activism. I won’t stop fighting. - https://www.washingtonpost.com/opini...stop-fighting/

"Here’s an important thing to understand about the way the world is changing: the barriers between espionage, intelligence, propaganda and marketing are dissolving, such that what it means to be an *asset* and who might be one, is exploding in all directions."

"As @poly_metis might put it, this is the real frontier between epistemology and polemology, a wild strategy space of information and influence no zero sum game can cleanly capture."