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Thread: Feral World Globalised Ecosystems

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    Quote Originally Posted by luka View Post
    Feral boar in New Zealand (nicknamed Captain Cookers because supposedly descended from pigs Cook released into the wild.)

    There's something really grim about using animals as weapons against one another. Obviously they fight and kill each other in the wild too, but that's just how it is.

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    Javan mongooses in the Adriatic (island of Mljet):

    Small Asian mongooses were introduced onto the island in the early 20th century in order to reduce the venomous snake population (the island was apparently completely overrun). Whilst the mongooses completed this task, they also disposed of pretty much all the birdlife of the island. To this day, the island is notably short of hedgerow birds, such as sparrows. Mongooses are a hazard for domestic poultry, and are also known to cause damage in vineyards and orchards.
    eradication seems to be the standard way of dealing with invasive species populations and it just sounds horrible. like yeah we brought you here, that's on us, but look since you turned out to be too fit to survive and thrive here we'll need to exterminate you all.

    so now i have a lot of sympathy for invasive species even though there's no doubt they can cause massive damage to ecosystems.

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    It's almost impossible to eradicate them once established. New Zealand managed it on a very small island that had a rat problem once but anything on a larger scale you're going to fail

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