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Thread: Train to Invisible City On Threads Radio at 1700 UK time today (Thursday)

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    Default Train to Invisible City On Threads Radio at 1700 UK time today (Thursday)

    Obviously recorded this mix at home yesterday. Bit kinda haphazard because (typically) one of my needles broke just before they ordered all shops closed and we couldn't replace it. So it's recorded on one turntable and sorta mixed with the speeds equalized by working out the bpm and then recording each tune one after another in a different channel. This is the second mix we did that way though and it seems that I'm getting the hang of it... actually really very pleased with this mix in fact, think it flows well from quiet/weird start and angry clanging middle and so on. Would like to know what people think if you get a chance to listen.
    It's on the Threads* link on the top right of this page at 1700 UK time (1800 central european time)

    I'll put the tracklist up later if anyone is interested.

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    Here it is...

    Wilson Tanner - Idle
    Keller Crackers – Αιθουσες Αναμονης
    Colonel Elliot and the Lunatics – Earth
    Min – Black Rose
    Temple Yard Studios – Take 66
    Wosto – Race Days
    Steril - Klinique
    Andromeda Complex – The Servant
    Mu – Let’s Get Sick
    Stanton Warriors – Da Virus
    The Horrorist – The Virus
    Nizter Ebb – Control I’m Here
    DAF – Sex Unte Wasser
    DIE – Shake a Lil Faster
    Benga – Skank
    Tiga and Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night (TGV mix)
    Alter Ego – Transphormer
    MOON – Hydgrogen
    BSR – Qui
    Spock Jr- Acid Alien (Boccaccio Mix)
    Hieroglyphic Being –
    Elecktroids - Checkmate
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    And now it's online so you can listen to it at your leisure (ie never) - but I was really happy with it, I recommend if you like ebm, acid, leftfield beats etc

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