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    something to chew on: "An ethnographic and technological study of breakbeats in Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum & Bass"

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    I did a mix of some of the previously unreleased bits that have made their way from dubplate to vinyl in recent years:

    Blog link:

    One of the side effects of this dubplate culture was, however, the fact that a lot of amazing tunes simply never came out. They were stuck on dubplate for many reasons – couldn’t fit into release schedules, artists and labels couldn’t reach a financial agreement, or the label owner(s) decided that the sound had simply moved on. Sometimes it was as simple as the original DAT being lost and no copies existing!

    So for jungle fanatics, the years since 94/95 have been marked by the knowledge that there was a huge secondary catalogue of music that was only available to the public via low-quality recordings from raves and pirate radio. The advent of p2p file-sharing services and, especially, platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud meant that these missing tunes were more available than ever, but, tantalizingly, not in a format that you could mix with.

    01. Dave Charlesworth - Guinness Track (ADR)
    02. Simon 'Bassline' Smith - Oh Yeah (Deep Jungle)
    03. J Majik - Telepathic (Deep Jungle)
    04. The Invisible Man - Drifting (Drumtrip)
    05. Equinox - Badman Style (Scientific Wax Retro)
    06. Bizzy B & DJ DLux - Classic (Existence Is Resistance)
    07. Bay B Kane - Cupid (Spandangle Selection)
    08. DJ Nut Nut - You Can Do It (Deep Jungle / 8205 Recordings)
    09. DJ Stretch - W (Dubplate Mix) (AKO Arcade)
    10. Tom & Jerry - Bring Ya Dub VIP (AKO Arcade)
    11. Bones & Natty - Thunder (Foxy Jangle)
    12. Q Project - Champion Sound (Unofficial '95 Bootleg Mix) (Sublogic)
    13. DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl VIP (Hardcore Junglism)
    14. DJ Renegade - What's Happening? (8205 Recordings)
    15. Dillinja - You (Dom & Roland Productions)

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    my word, what a tune. the ideal of jungle in my eyes - cosmic synth intro, hard drums, atmospheric and peculiar noises, bursts of third generation sample singalong melody and the cut-and-paste lineage and complete recontextualisation of samples from ardkore present and correct - and I've somehow never heard it before... thanks Barty

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