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#corpsetoo #teampiano مسلسل निर्मित ☻☻☻ 天野尚 "frisson" *cums in a sock* 3) up 20th century fox aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a bird in the hand acid actress adawia advice needed afrobeast afrofuturism a heap of broken images ain't that the truth alan moore 2017 all that is solid melts into air almost fsmous ambient amsterdam animism vs. cybernetics another classic thread by version apartheid apathy aquacrunk arboriculture arca art arty barty's farty party as long as the music's good astral disaster asylum atarix at work but has time to tag autechre autism avant garde badabing badiou baked bean cum bakewell tarts banana milk bangface baroness phwoaarr!-si barty'n'luka's safe space barty's entertainment barty's mum's cunt again. barty on the pull bashment basic schoolboy errors bass bassline battle bus beagle? beats belly full of crap berlin bin laden kitsch black athena blackdown blackest ever black black ops blimey blogging blood for the blood god bloody hippity hoppity music bobono bongmitzvah bork? brackles brave but foolish breakstep bricking it brick springfield bristol brixton broad cumbucket bullet for my dissensus bunch of old gits butterz call him mr raider call him mr crane cancelled captain's blog cassette chakrabarty report champagne soul chaos is a ladder charity chemsex gabba chico chortle chris duckenfield chuckle brothers clenched epistle club collage conrad foos and his exploding teeth cool story bro corpsey's law corpsey's poo anecdotes countersurveillance tactics craner's sex dungeon cranes in the sky cthulhu cyborgs dalston dam-funk dancehall dangling danny dyer danny dyer dastardly deep house and ganja dejavufm delusional bollocks democracy is gamification deradicalisation and rehabilitation diet of worms disco dissnesis distance djblip dj dlux djeastwood docking dogging draw drinking driving gloves drone drugs drum & bass drum machine dub dubstep dubstep forum eating pussy but not in a good way electroacousdick electronic electronica electronic music ethi jazz ethnomusicology eu apartheid events existential soul pop monster experimental facetious pre-emptive strike fact magazine faktion fat jim fear of ireland ferrite love connection fetishising the other ffs flogging the deadest of the dead horses flounce flowers footwork fox news republican frank zappa freudian brostep fantasies friendship cancelled friends with nomads fuck off funky fush futility gapemanbarty garage gardening gaslit by version gay george ezra was their soundtrack getting high on vitamins gilles peterson girls in pleather glasgow goblin nonce god of pus going native golden fleece gold rings got any stevie wonder? grim britannia grime groucho grubby t-shirt salesmen gummo guru josh gwyneth paltrow han & chi's sandwhich hand of history upon our toddler hardcore harpo hauntology hawaiian shirt day hentai scroll hermes the priest herzog hidden treasures of the sea high priest karl rove hiphop hip hop hole in scrotum home counties homophobia horror house house is a feeling hunter-gatherer fetishism hunting & gathering hyperdub hyperstition hyp oc hooray i’m not racist but... i'm ok you're ok i'm still jenny from the barnes ill-informed speculation i love the internet industrial interesting invent neocon strategies irie it's lit italo jacob rees-dogg(ing) jamaican voodoo gang from predator 2 japan jazz jeff pills jerk test johan cruyff jon e cash jp means just probing juha juke jungle k-punk kode9 was wrong kurdform lads on tour lads still shot round my way late night city aesthetic leeds library music lightning like deja vu but duller like the bat signal but for dogging lit crit live loefah london los angeles luckyme luka's glorious verdigris knob luka disavows his legacy luka is a genius luka is a weed poet lump of coal magic tramps mah kween male nudity man ah warrior manchester marcus intalex massive egg master bating material engines of dematerialisation meg and mog migration mike o'hearn miles perhower mingegate miss halliwell mix mixes modest proposal mole rationalism moody geezers moon mining mp3 mrtea music musical science music for armpits music is dead music video neologisms night slugs ninnies noise noise rock noisrev yb tilsag non-rational nonce nonced by chomsk nootopology normal man north london house mafia nothing better nudity numbers obscure oede-o-pod oedipus oh dear god oh yes there is oil gang ok boomer oozey 9mm o rose thou art sick oud overloud parkinson pass the dutchy pattycakes international man of mystery pedo/nonce penis extension perhower perving in the showers phantom flan flinger pirate pizza express plants plastic people please come back podcast pointlessness politics poot! pop post-dubstep pow powell pretentious primitive technology prim revolution in the bed procrastination production prog house progressive protracted flame wars psychedelic west africa psychic self defense psychogeology pubstep pumping iron radio rant raļ re-edits recipes reckless bravado reeducation camp refugees reggae repoire reynolds' bulbous genitalia reynolds' wanking habits righteous narcissism right said barty riot season rnb roiling rolling romford roots roots and destruction rootsfromyard ruff sqwad russophobia ryan bone s-e-x all night to the break of dawn sadam van buuren sage emeralds samples savior scatman barty school of life scruton scrutoff self-hindrance self-spoofing fuckery serotonin depletion sexmanpervy shackleton shagging shake it up tonight shamanic mong face shamone mother fuckers shantih shantih shantih she's not going to fuck you!!! shite with an airhorn shitting in costa coffee simon reynolds has a massive cock sizzla teef. skepta yeah i'm doin' it again sleng teng slew dem sociopolitical something of the night soul man barty soundtrack space spam spam recipes speed creates pure objects. spiritual aristocrat spooky spooky bizzle spousepleasure spunk ritual spurious loaded questions spurious opposition squids starmer chameleon stately plump buck mulligan stately plump simon reynolds steaming stoated sneck stones throw stratford hippy subversive superstition surfing finnegans wake symposium synth tagging is a popular pastime talked to death in 1995 tape taste the difference taxi ran him over techgnosis techno tentacles terminally chill that's another great artifact the blues thread the day john eden went full ukip the death of rave the dissensus consensus the elephant with the bassoon the gays the ghouls ghoul the gypsy king the hooded claw the hunger games the jung ones the maggots in the mind of the universe the millennium dome the minge inspector the mvuent movement the sniper the zhao incident things you have noticed time travel tinnitus tits'n'dragons 2: valar morghulis trance tresillo tuberculosis turkish terminator twee ukbass uk funky ukg uk garage vegetables velocity version's knob dissapears like his posts version excursion version is m&s version was not the culprit video virtualdub wankers wanking wascal weed whites why woofah 4 is delayed wicked leeks wifey wiley wistful wobble wonky woofah world's worst dinner party yacht fascism yoghurt you're a wizard harry you lot aren't as cleaver as you think zeppo zhao has an opinion! zhaothat'swhaticalldance zizek