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مسلسل निर्मित 天野尚 "bass.corrupt" "substep infrabass" *cums in a sock* 360 nooscope absolutely disgusting acid actress adawia advice needed afrobeast afrofuturism ain't that the truth all the memories that ruined my life all you need is minge almost pulled by the ghost of an it-girl alone in mcdonalds ambient amsterdam animism vs. cybernetics another classic thread by version antifa whore apartheid apathy apples aquacrunk arca art artichokes aryas side boob as long as the music's good asylum at least we can spell clever you bellend autechre autism avant garde awesomeness badabing badiou badbwoy baked bean cum bangface ban this sick filth baroness phwoaarr!-si barty's dream thread barty's mum's cunt again. barty's tearful confession basedmanbarty bashment basic schoolboy errors bass bassline bathing the elephant man beats belly full of crap berlin black athena blackdown blackest ever black black ops blimey blogging blood for the blood god bobono bork? brackles brave but foolish breakstep brick and mortar bricking it bristol brixton broad cumbucket butane tank on a supersoaker butterz cancelled cassette chadmanbarty charity chemsex gabba chiba city chimpo choplifter chortle chris duckenfield cister sledge clenched epistle club collage colonizer coloureds combat 18 concerned parent concert cool story bro corpsey's ghost corpsey's law corpseys poor penis countersurveillance tactics craner's a nonce craner's chode craner's veneer craner aka nostradamus aka mystic meg cranonical creatine crypto self loathing cthulhu dalston dam-funk damn ma is it that serious dancehall danny dyer darts dead iraqi babies dejavufm delirium tremens deluka duka deng xiaoping- peng gyal ting denise van outen dickless wankers dick skeleton digital art digital manipulation dirty pillows disco disintegration loops dissnesis djblip dj dlux djeastwood dj ripley docking dogging drinking drone drugs drum & bass drum machine dub dubloon dubstep dubstep forum dubstep grime electro dub dwarf porn dwarfsey echoes from the gnosis electronic electronica electronic music elevator jazz emceekilla enjoy your self ethi jazz ethnomusicology eu apartheid events existential experimental fabgeable fact magazine faktion ferrite love connection fetishising the other ffs finchley hippy finney flogging the deadest of the dead horses flounce flowers footwork forensics frank zappa freudman barty fuck off funky fush futility garage gardening gaslit by version george ezra was their soundtrack gilles peterson glasgow goblin nonce god of pus gold rings good natured ribbing great banter grim britannia grime grime funky wonky berlin grubby t-shirt salesmen grumpy old men guru josh h.p. warcraft halifax hamasexual happy thirday hardcore has found out thy bed hauntology have u ever seen a street geek barbarian head down wanking herd of dicks herzog high fashion mood music high horse high priest karl rove hiphop hip hop home counties homophobia hong kong horror hotdogs house house is a feeling humpty dumpty nonce hunter-gatherer fetishism hunting & gathering hyperdub hyperstition i'm ok you're ok i'm sorry ill-informed speculation imperial cock industrial inhabited by parasites interesting in the ruins of the future invent neocon strategies irie is everyone on dissensus a racist? it's lit it's selwyn froggitt! italo jack's law jack rap and karouac jah trustafari jamaican voodoo gang from predator 2 japan jazz jerk test jon e cash jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzz juha juke jungle k-punk kate bush - the pounding kurdform lads still shot round my way late night city aesthetic leeds lenny dee level 4 as in chan library music lightning like deja vu but duller live loefah london los angeles loversrock luckyme lumpen psychotherapy mackintosh lane madagascar magic tramps man ah warrior manchester marcus intalex mark and lard massive egg matthew is derren brown meg and mog migration mike o'hearn miles perhower milo miss halliwell mix mixes modest proposal mole rationalism moody geezers moon mining moretti mp3 mrtea mr tea's unending deflections muscular poet music musical science music is dead music video mutual defeat my bonny jo neologisms nick cave's birthday night slugs no future noise noise rock non-rational nonce noncetrocity normal man north london house mafia not with your microwillie now impeach johnson ffs nudity nuggets numbers obscure oede-o-pod off the deep end of the city oh yes there is oil gang ok boomer otherlife is khrushchev oud oxford don pancreatic cancer parkinson pass the dutchy patty's moment patty is a scientologist pegging peng penis extension perhower phantom flan flinger phdfork pirate pizza express plants podcast pointlessness politics polyphony sucks pop post-dubstep pound for pound powell powerful legs pretentious procrastination production progressive prostrate massage protracted flame wars psychedelic west africa psychic self defense psychogeology pubstep radio rant raļ re-edits realm of the eight legged real perry recipes reckless bravado redemption song refugees reggae religion of the ruling class repoire reynolds' wanking habits ride the snake righteous narcissism riot season rnb roiling rolling roots rootsfromyard ruff sqwad ryan bone s-e-x all night to the break of dawn saddam hussein sadmancormacmccarthy sadmantoryparty sage emeralds samples sartorial savage garden self-hindrance self-spoofing fuckery serotonin depletion sexual harassment sexy aphexy corpsey shackleton shamanic mong face skibbidum biddidum skrewface sleng teng slew dem sociopolitical something of the night soulange knowles soundtrack space spam spam recipes speed creates pure objects. spirits spooky spooky bizzle spunk ritual spurious loaded questions spurious opposition squids status quai steak sorbet stick to euro-rave stiff-necked people stoated sneck substance abuse subversive superstition sweaty anal sex swimming with dolphins symposium synth taggageddon tags by craner ♘ take out dey lib dem tongue taliban techno talked to death in 1995 tape taste the difference taxi ran him over techgnosis techno teletubbies soundtrack tentacles terrifying vistas the annihilation of iraq the artist formally known as fat jim the art of fighting without fighting the bartistic temperament the death of rave the four machines of yoyodyne the gays the hooded claw the man about town the mvuent movement the pink pounding they pogo in the bedroom the zhao incident things you have noticed thirdform got an a in his lit a level time travel tinnitus tofu totally overthinking everything tresillo trying to shag a lecturer half my age tuberculosis ukbass uk funky ukg uk garage velocity version's dad version excursion video vimothy's bunker virtualdub wankers wascal weed weed zone welsh secret technology weretigers what's up doc? what are you trying to achieve? where are my chickpeas now? where my dogs at? white man's burden whites why woofah 4 is delayed wifey wiley wistful wobble wonky woofah wtf yacht fascism yes sir i can boogie yoghurt zhao has an opinion! zhaothat'swhaticalldance zizek zones without people