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  1. Corpsey

    The Waste Land (1922)

    Almost 100 years old. A time to ask questions like - is it still modern? Is it still relevant? What on earth is it all about? Is it elitist and misanthropic? Is it any good? I've got the Norton edition with footnotes and critical commentary. You can read it online, and in annotated form here...
  2. john eden

    Uploading images to Dissensus

    Sorry to be boring (yes it’s about time John apologised etc etc) and sorry if it’s been done... Seems like you can upload jpgs but not jpegs on here? Which is what iPhone screenshots are? That can’t be right can it?
  3. V


    Over the years I've noticed I've frequently found snippets and fragments of tunes more endearing and lasting than the full things: radio rips, sections of old sets, certain elements and sounds. It applies to books, films and so on too. I guess it's partly down to the inability to recall...