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    Admins? I'm having a huge problem with the forum, someone please help?!

    Hey guys, this forum is awesome, but I'm having some sort of technical error. EVERYTIME I try to make a new account, I'll log out, and I'll be UNABLE to log back in again. Every time. I tested this several times. Like I just created a new account, tried to log in, I even copy and pasted the...
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    Adding an avatar - is this broken?

    Hi all, Sorry for the very boring technical post but is anyone else having trouble uploading a picture to use as an avatar? Every time I try to either upload one or link to one it says "invalid file". I've used that file before tho, so I don't think it's the file's fault. thanks! Matthew
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    Cheapo Sampler Recommendations?

    Ello - advice needed. I want to get hold of a cheap, basic, EASY sampler for use when I play out (just to drop some spoken word bits, film samples and stuff between or over tunes). So it doesn't have to be flash, and I'm fairly broke. Any recommendations? :D
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    Editing Together .avis

    Ello - wanted to pick the brains of any movie-editing savvy posters. Please note: i'm NOT technical, don't have reams of software or processing power... Problem 1: Short summary: making a compilation movie to run as a backdrop at nights I run. So I've labouriously ripped appropriate scenes...