1. Corpsey

    Acid rap aka. dematerialised materialism

    Started because I've got this in my head: The title of the thread is a misnomer (and yes I'm aware of Esham), probably, because the stuff I have in mind is, I think, more inspired by ecstacy and prescription pills, but - when I did acid recently up on the heath we mostly listened to the...
  2. Corpsey

    Turn Up The Bites! (The Auto-Tune Rap Thread)

    Some of my favourite rap tunes of this year have been Future-aping auto-tune tunes like the following: Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way (2013) Lil Durk - Dis Ain't What U Want (2013) And obviously the king himself keeps doing it best Future - Honest (2013) Future - Keep On Shinin'...