1. Viral Radio

    12-05-09 - Viral Radio - Show 3

    The third show is online at 3voor12 now and up for download, podcast and stream. A bit messy in the beginning, but that is what you get when swine flu breaks out in times of recession. Some recent dubstep releases by Mala, Coki, Kromestar, Skream - on Deep Medi, and not Hyperdub as I say in the...
  2. Viral Radio

    Viral Radio show 2

    In the second show we play new and sometimes unreleased music by Dabrye, Starkey, Harmonic 313, Flying Lotus, the Blessings and Joker, artists from Ann Arbor, Philadelphia, Sydney, Los Angeles, Glasgow and Bristol. We range from the Hyperdub realm to the Bristolian continuum. Subscribe to the...
  3. Viral Radio

    Radio - Viral Radio 3voor12 with Juha and Cinnaman- 14 April 2009

    Hi everyone, Cinnaman and Juha are back with Viral Radio. We have moved to Dutch public network VPRO 3voor12. We will do a one hour show every two weeks, in English! The first show is up already. You can subscribe to the podcast here Nosaj Thing - Lords Dizz1 - Clocks Computer Jay - Untitled...
  4. Viral Radio

    Some concerts in Amsterdam in 2009

    Hi all, for those in Amsterdam, or those who are planning a visit, a list of events we are setting up in the coming months: 08/02/09 Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi @ Bimhuis 27/02/09 Rednose Distrikt: Knalpot/Dorian Concept/Aardvarck/Steven de Peven @ Bimhuis...