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    Was Prince actually a bit shit?

    I've always liked the odd tune, but I've never gotten into a full album and the way some people talk about him left me expecting a lot more. I like songs like Sign O' the Times, Head, Erotic City, Partyman and Black Sweat, but Purple Rain and a bunch of the other stuff is just awful.
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    LV Album Launch Party. Free b4 11! [14/5]

    EYES DOWN 004 - LV ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY! ++++ LINE UP ++++ LV feat. Josh Idehen - Keysound / Hyperdub Dusk and Blackdown - Keysound / Rinse FM Logos - Keysound / Radial Productions Mothy - 2nd Drop Plus - Eyes Down Residents Hosted by Rami Dare ++++ INFO ++++ This month, Eyes Down has...