1. V

    Dissensus is not well

  2. T

    Admins? I'm having a huge problem with the forum, someone please help?!

    Hey guys, this forum is awesome, but I'm having some sort of technical error. EVERYTIME I try to make a new account, I'll log out, and I'll be UNABLE to log back in again. Every time. I tested this several times. Like I just created a new account, tried to log in, I even copy and pasted the...
  3. haji

    New Users Registration!!

    a month or so back we had a glut of spammy registrations, which we mercilessly deleted as per zero tolerance spam policy. If your registration got lost, please go ahead a register now, if you have any problem email us at: best salaams sufi & mods
  4. Leo

    Dissensus log in

    is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly find themselves having to log in pretty much every time they return to the board? happened a bunch of times today. also, the "new posts" function hasn't worked very well today, been missing posts that i know are new since my last visit. oh well...
  5. haji

    Threads Disappearing from the Music Category???

    hey all just a quick update y'all may have noticed dissensus fell into a sort of timeslip yesterday, drifting back and forth from 28/10/10 to 6/11/10 and back, some posts disappeared and reappeared, others (from about 2pm gmt til maybe midnight?) have been consigned to timewarp oblivion :( what...
  6. haji

    Company Fuck

    no particular idea what this kiwi biznis is about, the thread did a disappearing act when we switched server last night, but happily happened to get cached somehow
  7. M

    Dissensus without Youtube clips

    So, of course I'd never check Dissensus from work, but there are some occasions when computers I use regularly don't allow streaming Flash stuff... so no Youtube clips. It's quite intriguing what proportion of threads contain a whole lot of blank posts... Some threads there's certainly no...
  8. Tentative Andy

    Vanishing posts

    Is anyone else experiencing this? - Sometimes I'll see on a forum page that there has been a new post in a thread, but when I click on the thread it's not there. And sometimes the opposite will happen - someone will post a reply in a thread, but the reply won't be listed on the forum's thread...
  9. M

    Adding an avatar - is this broken?

    Hi all, Sorry for the very boring technical post but is anyone else having trouble uploading a picture to use as an avatar? Every time I try to either upload one or link to one it says "invalid file". I've used that file before tho, so I don't think it's the file's fault. thanks! Matthew
  10. subvert47

    stay logged in

    where's the function for this now? I have to log in every time at the moment :slanted:
  11. Woebot

    The Good Wife

  12. Woebot

    Regrets, I've had a few.....

    just a quick note to say that having completely f***ed up the board's software i thought it was a good moment to hand over "ultimate" responsibility for dissensus over to someone else to pick up the pieces. in future sufi will be brother number one. depending on your perspective the (good/bad)...
  13. D

    Search Weirdness

    Not to add to Matt's woes (!) but the search facility is still banjaxed. You can search for post titles only - not the content of the post. Changing the search settings gives the same results everytime. More worrying - a google site search doesn't do any better - in fact it shows no results at...
  14. D

    New dissensus layout

    Is there a thread already on this? I'm not sure I'm enjoying the layout as much as I used to. I have to scroll up and down to see whats on all the forums. Also the search doesn't seem to work.
  15. Woebot

    Bandwidth at Dissensus

    Don't know if anyone noticed, but we ran out of bandwidth a couple of days ago. The way the site is I paid $800 a year or so ago for a "lifetime" website contract. The problem is that the bandwidth is capped. We haven't gone over it previously but it seems now that there's quite a bit more...
  16. Woebot

    The board's appealing new look!

    Annoyingly our beautiful nick(s)kin had to go by-the-by. I had to upgrade the board software from 3.0.11 to 3.6.0 because it had become really vulnerable to bugs and hacking and that necessetitated abandoning all the old style templates. I'd like to try and co-erce Anil Bawa to rebuild it for...
  17. john eden

    Forum Leaders - We Are The Mods

    I had a chat with Matt recently about helping out around here and it looks like I can now do a bit of moderation. I just moved a thread from "Music" to "Mixes" to prove it. :cool: I'm conscious that there should be some accountability on Dissensus and that the moderators should be known, so...
  18. D

    is "repoire" a word in the english language?

    as in, "i have a good repoire with people on dissensus" as in, "we developed a good business repoire over the years" i ask because i can't find the word in any dictionary
  19. Woebot

    Dissensus Log-ins.

    Whether it's a good idea or not i'm not entirely certain, but from now onwards (that is unless enough people come forward with good reasons to the contrary) people will have to have a "log-in" to be able to read the forum. I've noticed this at other forums and it seems reasonable enough...