canon fodder

  1. Corpsey

    Martin's top 100

    This is all I(/we) want for Christmas Why? Because he's hilarious, because he's got stories, because he's got good taste (and not the same taste as most of dissensus) because he talks about music as a part of life, because he knows about other, sometimes arcane, stuff (because he hipped me...
  2. Corpsey

    The Lists

    Really it all started with @Woebot's legendary 100. And then God said let there be @craner
  3. Corpsey

    My current frontrunners for top 100s

    3 people on here who write brilliantly, have great/interesting taste and who I would like to force to write for no payment Also don't think they've done lists yet? (Let's please ignore the fact that I've been asked to do a list and refused.) So sounding them out to see if they have the...
  4. S

    The Dissensus Canon

    People post songs. Users do the “ta” button on the ones they like and the ones with lots of ta’s become canon.