craner's curse

  1. shiels

    Smartphone addiction

    Another way to put it is the phone is home now. and I don't like it, I'm addicted and I don't like it. I'd like to try to cut it out completely but there are some things that prevent me: work mainly, also whatsapp, spotify, citymapper and dating apps. Do you have any techniques to reduce time on...
  2. Agent

    "Next Big Things" That Died (Since the Smartphone)

    Google Glass The Occulus Rift 3D TV The Hololens (will never be sold to consumers) Augmented Reality (Pokemon Go! came and went) The Galaxy Fold (was just delayed indefinitely) Smartwatches (changed nothing) I'm starting to think the smartphone and the tablet were the apex of consumer...
  3. V

    An Ape Using a Smartphone.

    I dunno if this is legit, it looks as though it could be faked, but anyway...
  4. firefinga

    smartphone gawpers

    There is this very disturbing trend in the German speaking world of "smartphone gawpers" of late. Meaning: there is an accident, and people, instead of helping, stand around and in the way, film the accident, the firemen, the paramedics and post this immediatley on their friggin social media...