1. T

    trans-femme-cyborg bonding: gangsta trance

    neither the frameworks of soul nor anti-soul are satisfactory anymore and lead us back into antiquated notions of music being on an unending chronological trajectory. we have to detail when soul became irrelevant or when the anti-soul mythos begun. needless to say this still assumes that the...
  2. Mr. Tea

    'Syrian lesbian' blogger turns out to be...married, male, American knob-end

    Gay Girl in Damascus hoaxer acted out of 'vanity' Tom MacMaster, heterosexual American, contrite over fictional lesbian blogger 'Amina Abdallah Aral al Omari' Tom MacMaster: 'I regret that a lot of people feel that I led them on' The male American PhD student who confessed to being an...
  3. N

    Digital Media Theory articles

    I'm in a really good class now, and the teacher is providing us with all of these articles for a limited time. If anyone wants any of them in a pdf, I'd be glad to share. This is officially as dorky as it gets... Course Materials week 1: Technology and Media Martin Heidegger; “The Age of...
  4. B

    What exactly is HAUNTOLOGY to pop music?

    The word 'hauntology' has been throwed around a fair bit, and seems to relate to some post deleuzian body-without-organs concept to music.. I'm figuring it means anything that sounds lost, otherworldly, old, ancient, dead, spooky, etc...Correct? SO you could peg Moby's PLAY as 'hauntology' as...
  5. B

    obviously nothing going on, CHROME!

    Offa ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS the better record me reckons. SLIP IT TO THE ANDROID Yep, the ULTIMATE sex with robots, post-Marixist anthem!!