1. P

    Reggae Roots in Techno?

    Started reading Joe Muggs' book the other day, and the Dennis Bovell chapter led me to another interview where Bovell talked about recording "Riot in Lagos" at his studio with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Reminded me of an old @thirdform tweetthread about coming to techno through reggae. I think...
  2. B

    FREE DOWNLOAD Dub & Dubstep Album

    A Flipping Budjunky releases FREE DOWNLOAD Dub & Dubstep Album ! Intro + 15 Tracks, 68:03 min. runtime You can listen & download the tracks on LastFM download the rar with cover and bpm list here: http://www.budjunky.de/downloads/[dub][dbstp]_A_Flipping_Budjunky-Rebirth_(2009).rar
  3. Landfill Elektronikz

    Modern Dub

    Don't follow current trends in dub at all, but spotted this during random browse at Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Bush+Chemists/ Sounds lush, I reckon. Anyone out there into these guys? Any background info, etc? And if I like dis shit, what else would I like?