fetishising the other

  1. Corpsey

    Sadman Barty's Sexual 69

    I floated this idea to Luka and he gave it the thumbs up. Craner's top 100 was of course very sexy but in a quite sophisticated, man-of-the-world, bed-sprinkled-with-rose-petals way. This list, I hope, will be more like one of those British shagcoms from the 70s about cheeky, perpetually...
  2. M

    Road Rap

    Ok, everyone in the world knows who Giggs is, but is anyone else trying to keep up with South London's output at the moment? There's just mixtapes flying like bullets in all directions, it really feels like music-as-drive-by, and round where I live, it's everywhere. Some names Dubz, Buck, Fix...