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  1. CORP$EY

    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    For all raps old and new BLACK MOON - MAKE MUNNE 1993 I've never listened to Enta Da Stage before. Weirdly, since I have loved Who Got Da Props and I Gotcha Open for many years. Other than those ones, this has been the highlight so far. Name other tracks with this sort of bassline - I know...
  2. D

    What's Happenin' - A Rap Report (2011)

    This is a kinda Hip Hop 2011 mix I've just done. I did it for a non-hip hop audience, partly trying to show the range and diversity of the music these days. It's not anywhere near definitive or even aspiring to be - my game aint that deep - but I'm pretty happy with it. Good reflection of my...
  3. W

    Naive Machine EP Launch: Optimum, Kidkanevil, Rekordah + Mre

    Hit & Hope and Wavey Tones present: NAIVE MACHINE 'ROBOT RAMIFICATION' LAUNCH PARTY!! NAIVE MACHINE (hit&hope/alpha pup/MYOR) OPTIMUM (planet mu/night slugs) KIDKANEVIL (ninja tune) REKORDAH (astro:dynamics) DJ RUM (2nd drop) CONTROLLED WEIRDNESS UNLIKELY (wavey tones) MEDLAR (wolf music)...