1. C

    Homophobia in dancehall/reggae culture.

    I was in East London this evening, for a friend's birthday. He decided to go to an event which combined various world music groups, touching on klezmer and reggae/dancehall. Now, I'm not generally into this venue, because there tends to be quite a wank/hippy crowd, which i find irritating...
  2. M

    Gays granted asylum

    Supreme Court judge Lord Rodger said gay people’s right to live freely must be protected. He said: “Just as male hetero sexuals are free to enjoy themselves playing rugby, drinking beer and talking about girls with their mates, so male homosexuals are to be free to enjoy themselves going to...
  3. M

    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    People who sign emails and posts at the end with: Peace People who talk too loud People who are late People who call and don't leave a message and sometimes just People...
  4. Grievous Angel

    Action please: http://www.elizabethmuststay.co.uk/

    A campaign you can quickly and easily support - seems like a deserving cause to me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elizabeth* is a Ugandan lesbian who fled to the UK in 2004, having lived her life as a lesbian...